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  • Taylor Jones
    Taylor Jones

    Who is sparky

  • Stephen Yu
    Stephen Yu

    why most of the top comments was made by people watch this in 2020? anyone else found that.

  • Niichiyo Ciego
    Niichiyo Ciego

    Hahaha that's so funny

  • Guitarist Ryan
    Guitarist Ryan

    How did M&Ms not make too 10??

  • Mars TV
    Mars TV

    Where's my 10 Bucks

  • Animedoubletime Animedoubletime
    Animedoubletime Animedoubletime

    Subscribe get 10k and I’ll post pls

  • Adam Spaceman
    Adam Spaceman

    What about hichews

  • Samantha Herrador
    Samantha Herrador


  • Saber 343
    Saber 343

    8:27 why tf was he in the pantry lol?

  • Mark Forte
    Mark Forte

    Tylers scream though - 2:24 - 2:32

  • LivYaLife Champ
    LivYaLife Champ

    Awesome video.

  • Booby Rusandi
    Booby Rusandi


  • Grant and Jordan Zaitz
    Grant and Jordan Zaitz


  • Daniel Zanders
    Daniel Zanders

    I just now realized the intro says tall guy beard twins purple hoser. I used to think it said tall guy weird twins purple hoser LOL 😂

  • Brenah McAlmond
    Brenah McAlmond

    My favorite shot was the bownarrow shot! Did you guys make part 3

  • Lethal_Jace

    Team coby

  • Makesi Misikei
    Makesi Misikei


  • Apple Pi
    Apple Pi

    At the rage part everyone’s looking

  • Tbomb 42
    Tbomb 42

    Who is Jeff Toney “Mr T” on the door 1:41

  • Faraz A
    Faraz A

    Lots of the shots weren't even tough to do...

  • MAMBA dai;y TV Ttv
    MAMBA dai;y TV Ttv

    Cody why did you waste paper

  • Grant and Jordan Zaitz
    Grant and Jordan Zaitz

    Do a TRACTOR race

  • MAMBA dai;y TV Ttv
    MAMBA dai;y TV Ttv

    And I love y’all vids and can you put panda in more pls

  • Biggie Cheese
    Biggie Cheese

    On the that girl thing when she said is that painted on the field I used to believe that

  • Jrod gamz
    Jrod gamz

    0 yard nerd rope eaten

  • Noah Lytch
    Noah Lytch


  • Weegee Maker
    Weegee Maker

    Lord of the rings is the best movie ever

  • naufal zakri
    naufal zakri

    2:02 Spongebob in real life

  • Biggie Cheese
    Biggie Cheese

    It’s nice to see there humble rage monster beginnings

  • Grant and Jordan Zaitz
    Grant and Jordan Zaitz


  • Cherie Desreaux
    Cherie Desreaux

    tyler is the best fisherman i hav seen on yt

    • Cherie Desreaux
      Cherie Desreaux

      or cody

  • Atomicus Aquinas
    Atomicus Aquinas

    You forgot the "Have to find the perfect spot" dude! I feel left out! ;)

  • Mukesh Rajkumar
    Mukesh Rajkumar

    Garett is on a roll with his rocket model👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍😋😋😋🙋

  • Ngọc Linh Đào
    Ngọc Linh Đào

    so PERFECT!

  • Tim Roboski
    Tim Roboski

    Bring panda back

  • naufal zakri
    naufal zakri

    3:14 Look back man!!

  • 8 Fanflower Ave
    8 Fanflower Ave


  • Cristian Pecoraro
    Cristian Pecoraro


  • Berry Bee
    Berry Bee

    Cody: Just happens to have a tazzer on hand?......😒

  • Luke Mason
    Luke Mason

    I dint know that Freddie Mercury could slam dunk!

  • S

    The best rage monster.

  • Eric Ye
    Eric Ye

    Zero chance

  • Jim Was Here
    Jim Was Here

    Coby: you probably play paper football Australians: nope

  • Kushal Sharma
    Kushal Sharma

    I live in India🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  • ShafTheGamer

    Imagine if someone with the flintlock went against the minigun

  • Rui Cagas
    Rui Cagas


  • gideon sutton
    gideon sutton

    shoot ty won>:(

  • Jacob Downie
    Jacob Downie

    My high score is 50

  • Team J.S. gang
    Team J.S. gang

    17 bounces

  • John Smith
    John Smith

    When he said feel the rhythm feel the rhyme come on Cody it's bobsled time I felt that

  • gideon sutton
    gideon sutton

    no one mad the barrel

  • Dino Dude10160
    Dino Dude10160

    Texas Summer is like the equivalent to the 4th of July. I can say that because I live in Texas, lolx

  • Alejandro Garcia castillo
    Alejandro Garcia castillo

    No entendí ni Berna No se inglés

  • james colson
    james colson

    Pay up Gar, i guessed first try

  • Sergio Pacheco checo esquivel
    Sergio Pacheco checo esquivel

    What's the song in the video?

  • gideon sutton
    gideon sutton

    gj ty

  • Mine Master
    Mine Master

    New stereotype: toilet paper horder

  • Cris Thirdee Endrina
    Cris Thirdee Endrina

    O no

  • S

    One of my favorite rage monsters.

  • Cris Thirdee Endrina
    Cris Thirdee Endrina


  • Andrew Cardwell
    Andrew Cardwell

    You guy should make a magnet 🧲 trick shot video pls

  • Ahmed Amin
    Ahmed Amin

    The song name is tempo de celebrar your welcome guys have a nice day

  • Chan583 PlayzRoblox
    Chan583 PlayzRoblox

    Sooo Lucky

  • Will Bodnar
    Will Bodnar

    15-25 times a WEEK?

  • Emma Vinas
    Emma Vinas

    You guys need to try out for American Ninja Warrior.

  • gideon sutton
    gideon sutton

    gar act like an old man

  • Riley Pomales
    Riley Pomales

    I fill bad that he peeed

  • Cris Thirdee Endrina
    Cris Thirdee Endrina


  • Roast Me
    Roast Me

    Hey Cody that’s why they call it fishin not catchen

  • S

    One of the best rage monsters.

  • gideon sutton
    gideon sutton

    poor cory

  • Gangsta my G
    Gangsta my G

    Can we thank the editors for when they came with them the whole time

  • Raymond Yoest
    Raymond Yoest

    I like dp

  • gideon sutton
    gideon sutton

    is the hat rigged?

  • Landon Carson
    Landon Carson

    the sandwich is from bandits

  • Raymond Yoest
    Raymond Yoest

    Go Coby

  • gideon sutton
    gideon sutton

    i like garrets chair best

  • Esteban Fernandez
    Esteban Fernandez

    This is how many times tyler has won a battle V

  • J Holbrook
    J Holbrook

    18:50 Please slip and fall. ( throws mug *violently* at the wall )