Marvel Studios - Official MCU Phase 4 Trailer (Eternals, Black Panther Wakanda Forever, & More)

3 Geg 2021
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Watch the featurette for a peek at the upcoming films in Phase 4 of the MCU including a look at Marvel's Black Widow, The Eternals, Black Panther Wakanda Forever, The Marvels, and more.
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  • 1:40 YINSEN

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  • Get ready Movie Theaters Seats...

  • Squeeze it dry

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  • At the end: Coming to Disney+

    Jack RobertsonJack RobertsonPrieš val
  • Love it

    MCU NewsMCU NewsPrieš val
  • ffffffffffffff

    andres islas claraandres islas claraPrieš 2 val
  • They shoulda added avengers secret wars at end junk woulda been lit!

    KirbythekribKirbythekribPrieš 2 val
  • 1:40 I’ve watched this trailer so many times and the MCU theme coming in always gives me chills

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  • Stan lee ??😭😭😭😭

  • Goosebumps.....🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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  • is it love DC or Marvel

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  • no one can beat iron man legacy.

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  • MARVEL STUDIO is so Advance right now, how they do that?

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  • 2:55 LOL THE FANTASTIC 4 SYMBOL! Glad they finally gonna make this part of the MCU!

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  • This gave me shivers

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  • Chadwick😢🥺💔

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  • Them using Stan lees voice over in this is magical

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  • Somebody knows something about the music?

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  • im not crying you are

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  • It’s the fantastic four logo for me

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  • Ugh.. thats a long wait

    PritsiePritsiePrieš 12 val
  • not fantastic 4 also what about Deadpool that comes out in like 2022/2023 and it’s in the mcu

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  • Still no X-Men 😭

    Binge Watcher JeffBinge Watcher JeffPrieš 15 val
  • Anyone else cried

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  • Why is Bucky in the thumbnail???

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    • That ain’t bucky

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  • Dr strange fans 👍

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  • Wow that was bad..... how much did those Likes cost Disney ??

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  • Just can't wait

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  • F4

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  • Stan Lee speaking: *chills* "He's your brother": *here come the tears*

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    emmaufemmaufPrieš dieną
  • Without Venom ?? 😒😒

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  • Marvel X-Men hope to be here as soon as possible.

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  • Fantastic 4 for the come around.

    Shiloh the NomadShiloh the NomadPrieš dieną
  • This will always be emotional Doesn't matter if you watch this a billion times.

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  • need more trailers

    Abdullah QumperAbdullah QumperPrieš dieną
  • Doesn't feel the same without Cap and Stark

    Abir NandiAbir NandiPrieš dieną
  • 15 right now- when guardians of the galaxy comes out ill be 17

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  • *grin

    TensionTensionPrieš dieną
    • Just hearing Stan’s voice again. Gave me chills.

      bowen voowybowen voowyPrieš dieną
  • Real corona viruse vilan is here help Avengers

    sssOnPointsssOnPointPrieš dieną
  • Where’s Iron Man?

    Robbie GeeRobbie GeePrieš dieną
    • Is this ment as a joke or not than you need to watch endgame

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  • These Avengers Hero's movies may lead to Avengers 5 if it is possible

    Kevin CamposKevin CamposPrieš dieną
  • Fantastic 4 is coming Back

    Kevin CamposKevin CamposPrieš dieną
  • Ibu hatela , khayega kela.

    Mohit RaghavMohit RaghavPrieš dieną
  • Looking for Ibu hatela 2:30

    Kasim WilsonKasim WilsonPrieš dieną
  • MCU always gives me goosebumps .. And the narration of stan lee takes the cake ...

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  • We should have used Indian reaction

    Javed AktharJaved AktharPrieš dieną
  • We need fantastic 4

    Pierrezzz7Pierrezzz7Prieš dieną
  • Wheres morbius?

    Louiss GloriaLouiss GloriaPrieš dieną
  • 2:58 Fantastic Four? 🤔

    M.D. ProgrammingM.D. ProgrammingPrieš dieną
  • Upcoming Flops: The Eternals Thor Love and Thunder The Marvels

    theexwhogothottheexwhogothotPrieš dieną
  • Fantastic four is coming...

    Caden DickyCaden DickyPrieš dieną
  • Just hearing Stan’s voice again. Gave me chills.

    Matthew FigunMatthew FigunPrieš dieną
  • WOW can't wait for Fantastic FourSkin (sarcasm included)

    Chop StewieChop StewiePrieš dieną
  • .... It's nice to get some details, but for some reason these trailer clips seem... Lacklustre? Maybe it's just because I'm not seeing some of the characters I've become used to.

    ManiaCasteranzaManiaCasteranzaPrieš dieną
  • Fjneoeibbfwa

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  • Who else just made excited muscle man noises😆

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  • 1:22 the goosebumps were about to happen...

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  • Too bad no new Avengers movie to wrap up this phase.

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  • Phase 4=Fantastic 4 I see you Marvel 👀

    Melissa DeborahMelissa DeborahPrieš dieną
  • "I've lived a lot of lives" SO HYPED FOR THE BLACK WIDOW MOVIE TO COME OUT!!!

    mary poppins mary poppins Prieš dieną
  • Idk why but Chadwick felt like the perfect actor to play black panther

    andres andresandres andresPrieš dieną
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  • finally has a plan for the next 3 years

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  • 우연히 지나가다 저의 댓글을 보셨을모든 분들 항상 행운이 깃든 날만 가득하길🥰 어떠한 일이든 잘 해낼거에요. 오늘 하루도 수고했어요👍

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  • 2:55, Is that a Fantastic 4 teaser or what? 🤔The Fantastic 4 logo?

    Eduardo LopezEduardo LopezPrieš dieną
  • pretty cool

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  • #1 trending on movies

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  • What's about loki..

    Rakshit RawatRakshit RawatPrieš dieną
    • This video is about the upcoming movies, not the miniseries of Disney+

      uncanny dcmarvelousuncanny dcmarvelousPrieš dieną
  • Me seeing guardians 3 on the trailer 😁😌

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  • Hi I’ll just have an aneurism 😁🤪

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  • The Guardian of Galaxy Vol.3 Drax will die,i will very sad cause he is only one who make me Laugh very hard 😭

    TohruTohruPrieš dieną
  • Stan Lee brought us together like he did with The Avengers.......R.I.P STAN

    Charming nowhere to hideCharming nowhere to hidePrieš dieną
  • The MCU has become my Star Wars. I'm 46 years old, and NOTHING has ever made me happy as a fan of movies the way this universe has. Excelsior

    xombieboyxeroxombieboyxeroPrieš dieną

    xombieboyxeroxombieboyxeroPrieš dieną
  • Whoever made this deserves a raise

    AP - 11ZZ 724058 Turner Fenton SSAP - 11ZZ 724058 Turner Fenton SSPrieš dieną
    • Romanjification 🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️

      Charming nowhere to hideCharming nowhere to hidePrieš dieną
  • Nice timeline you got there marvel.

    Barry AllenBarry AllenPrieš dieną
  • LIU KANG le patea el culo a Black Panther

    Reneé ElalufReneé ElalufPrieš dieną
  • It doesn’t matter how much effort you put in, you can never replace Boseman but I’m still hyped anyway.

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  • Damn the feels!

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  • Rawrrrrrrrrrr

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  • It's just a trailer don't cry don't cry don't cry...

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  • Goosebumps

    Muj ThiruMuj ThiruPrieš dieną
  • Isn’t black panther dead

    Browns FanBrowns FanPrieš dieną
    • The actor, yes, and since they already confirmed that they won't do a recast... T'Challa is dead too. Another character will take the Black Panther mantle.

      uncanny dcmarvelousuncanny dcmarvelousPrieš dieną
  • Bro this looks insane! Who else is pumped for the next 2 years of marvel movies?!?

    Llama LagLlama LagPrieš dieną
  • That world may change and above. But the one thing that will never change, Were all part of one big family. -Stan lee

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  • I'm not crying, is just that I'm preparing onion soup TTwTT

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  • Rest in peace Stan the man

    Knight AvengerKnight AvengerPrieš 2 dienas
  • I’m not gonna cry... not gonna... 😭😭😭 I’m crying

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  • sheeesh

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  • Romanjification 🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️

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  • Wow 😯 I bloody love Marvel films. Such great heart ! Beautiful and funny.

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    gurmaine hillsgurmaine hillsPrieš 2 dienas
  • Thats tears of happiness on my eye's

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  • Chills. Literal chills.

    Abigail MAbigail MPrieš 2 dienas
  • Marvel 4 ever 🤩

    Krithick SKrithick SPrieš 2 dienas
  • It was pretty nostalgic and mysterious at same time