Billie Eilish - Happier Than Ever (Official Music Video)

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Listen to the new album “Happier Than Ever”, out now:

Directed by Billie Eilish

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  • te toca el corazón esta cancion

    Yeni RamosYeni RamosPrieš 3 minutes
  • Te Quiero ❤️

    Pepi Casado garciaPepi Casado garciaPrieš 5 minučių
  • POUR me dire quoi faire🤤✨

    G A M B O L💙G A M B O L💙Prieš 10 minučių
  • Thanks for the video, impressive. Pts. beautiful.

    PN educationPN educationPrieš 20 minučių
  • Ko ada aja ya orang yang nge dislike😌padahal lagu nya mengkane sekali🥺💓

    Reni RestiaReni RestiaPrieš 29 minučių
  • Dislikers doesn't have feelings... 😭😢💔

    Bob narutoBob narutoPrieš 32 minutes
  • I like it 😭😭😭✨✨✨✨✨

    •Caramella••Caramella•Prieš 33 minutes
  • Sounds like the songs she dropped when she very first started.. i love it

    Stelli PuhStelli PuhPrieš 33 minutes
  • ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨

    •Caramella••Caramella•Prieš 33 minutes
  • 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    •Caramella••Caramella•Prieš 33 minutes
  • The best song in the album 😍❤️

    Bob narutoBob narutoPrieš 33 minutes
  • see you guys again when this song suddenly showed up on your recommendation

    farah wasilafarah wasilaPrieš 36 minučių
  • I want a behind the scene vid

    Minh NguyễnMinh NguyễnPrieš 36 minučių
  • Esta canción se siente hasta el alma

    Deissy CastilloDeissy CastilloPrieš 43 minutes

    2C11_Renata Danae Gastelum Rodriguez2C11_Renata Danae Gastelum RodriguezPrieš 56 minučių
  • That song with no repeated lyrics

    ML For FunML For FunPrieš 59 minučių
  • You were my everything

    Alaina ReidAlaina ReidPrieš val
  • Guilty 43k

    ML For FunML For FunPrieš val
  • This song is the only reason I’m alive honestly

    𝐋𝐯𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐢 <𝟑𝐋𝐯𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐢 <𝟑Prieš val
  • Quiero ir a un concierto de Billie y que cante esta canción

    a n d r e aa n d r e aPrieš val
  • I love this song cuz i kinda relate to it with my sister ;-; ily Billie

    CookieCookiePrieš val
  • Mais um hino❤

    bad girlbad girlPrieš val
  • The big mistake on this song is that they made the guitar part practically a ghost guitar, I was expecting a good solo but ok, it's still a good song anyways

    FBIFBIPrieš val
  • Te amo billie 🎉💚

    Fans de billie eilish -19Fans de billie eilish -19Prieš val
  • 43M💚

    Fans de billie eilish -19Fans de billie eilish -19Prieš val
  • your songs is depressing at the same time is comforting

    ney antalanney antalanPrieš val
  • Pretty average stuff.

    fouronethreeohfouronethreeohPrieš val
  • Omg im crying

    Safri SultanSafri SultanPrieš val
  • 3:00 It's a reference to the Simple Plan music video "Perfect"?. ¿Es una referencia al video musical de Simple Plan " Perfect"?.

    Alan MorrisseyAlan MorrisseyPrieš val
  • ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    Elber KarmoElber KarmoPrieš val
  • Essa é pra chorar lembrando da morena 😭🤣

  • I'm a bald guy 😂

    Nurmuhammad BaxtiyorovNurmuhammad BaxtiyorovPrieš 2 val
  • goosebumps.

    alaina kalaina kPrieš 2 val
  • i cry every time i listen to this song

    alaina kalaina kPrieš 2 val
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    Sofy loliSofy loliPrieš 2 val
  • Billie snapped on this song 🎵 🤪

    Moon LitMoon LitPrieš 2 val
  • I don’t need to sell my soul love the shirt.

    Jessica SmithJessica SmithPrieš 2 val
  • first time in my history someone makes a song exactly suits what I felt.

    Kay CeeKay CeePrieš 2 val

    Bumbum_ku9Bumbum_ku9Prieš 2 val
  • y ahora griten conmigo la mejor colaboracion de año c titula my universe donde 2 leyendan c juntan para seguir escribiendo historia juntos like si opinas igual uwu =)

    doritosofi 《》doritosofi 《》Prieš 2 val
    • ¿Y eso qué tiene que ver acá?, dejen de meterlos en donde nada que ver

      Jazmín GodoyJazmín GodoyPrieš 2 val
  • I never felt so identified with a song

    Kamila RodríguezKamila RodríguezPrieš 2 val
  • Billie my sis is a big fan she loves u so so so much she wanted to go to ur concert on her 15 bday but the tickets were sell out she has a tones of shirts of u

    ThesquadThesquadPrieš 3 val
  • 2:28 🛐📈

    Lenia CalderonLenia CalderonPrieš 3 val
  • Bellia ay love😍😍

    saefull 31saefull 31Prieš 3 val
  • Hays💖

    Faye NaingueFaye NainguePrieš 3 val
  • This song is what music is about

    Aiden JohnsonAiden JohnsonPrieš 3 val

    Joanne GalveJoanne GalvePrieš 3 val
  • Omggg So cooll

    Val.RachelVal.RachelPrieš 3 val
  • Damn the first 2 minutes suck so much it almost ruins the good part

    Art by ᴍᴀɴɴʏ ¥ ✭・.・✫・゜・Art by ᴍᴀɴɴʏ ¥ ✭・.・✫・゜・Prieš 3 val
  • 2:28 the song after this ❤😭🔥

    unknownunknownPrieš 3 val
  • I like this song but it has too much swearing

    Claire Yang MusicClaire Yang MusicPrieš 3 val
  • i got this song in the ad i got when watching thislittarly

    MultiMichelle MaxwellMultiMichelle MaxwellPrieš 3 val

    kadence harriskadence harrisPrieš 3 val
  • ❤❤❤❤❤❤

    Elber KarmoElber KarmoPrieš 3 val
  • Coisa lindaaaa

    Elber KarmoElber KarmoPrieš 4 val
  • I could feel the pain from this song and i couldnt help but cry😭

    tal nataltal natalPrieš 4 val
  • Perfect

    Elenice ChavesElenice ChavesPrieš 4 val
  • 4:18 Ahhhhhhhhhhhh serabutttt..😁 😂😂😂😂😂

    Suhaimi AwangSuhaimi AwangPrieš 4 val
  • 3:38 Never paid any mind To my mother or friends

    Suhaimi AwangSuhaimi AwangPrieš 4 val
  • provavelmente sou a unica br aq mas, eu me indentifico com essa msc

    Bad Girl シBad Girl シPrieš 4 val
  • 3:07

    Suhaimi AwangSuhaimi AwangPrieš 4 val
  • 2:42 Only listen to your fucking friends.. Cerita dulu2 jer ni.. Wat hilang puah.. Puah niiìi.. Slah 1 perkara aku paling benci dlm hubungan, tak kira ahh dgn kawan ke nenek ke laki ke perempuan ke.. Kalau aku ni bukan kawan ataupun kalau kau bukan siapa2 pada aku tu tak kisah lahhh...pergi mampuslah kalau kau nak terjun kepala dulu pun aku tak kisahhh.. Bongok punya manusia..😁😁 If there is no trust Than there is no relationship..

    Suhaimi AwangSuhaimi AwangPrieš 4 val
  • IN LOVE WITH IT 100% love you forever Billie!!!!! such an amazing job!!!!!

    vicki Recklessvicki RecklessPrieš 4 val
  • Me identifico con esta canción :')

    Madi_gamerMadi_gamerPrieš 4 val
  • whenever i listen to this, i remember those tiktok squid game edits that makes me cry.

    aira daeneaira daenePrieš 4 val
  • I think

    TokageTokagePrieš 4 val
  • No bc when she sings louder than her normal whispery thing, her voice is perfect for an alternative sound

    Lillian TaylorLillian TaylorPrieš 4 val
  • ;(

    Antonella Malfoy.Antonella Malfoy.Prieš 5 val
  • this is awesome i love this song 💗

    Queensha BungaQueensha BungaPrieš 5 val
  • "Leave me a fu@#$ing alonnnnnnnnnneeeeeeee"😫

    Kat LemonsKat LemonsPrieš 5 val
  • Stunning ballad💘

    Kat LemonsKat LemonsPrieš 5 val
  • Imagine Billie calling you on accident and starts singing this.

    Camry HuntCamry HuntPrieš 5 val
  • I'm so sorry XXX died

    April PhillipsApril PhillipsPrieš 5 val
  • 💕

    Nur HazirahNur HazirahPrieš 5 val
  • Was on repeat all day long. 😍

    Kat LemonsKat LemonsPrieš 5 val
  • conheçe tela verde billie ??

    ana carolinaana carolinaPrieš 5 val

    ana carolinaana carolinaPrieš 5 val

    ana carolinaana carolinaPrieš 5 val
  • 😭😭

    AlexAlexPrieš 5 val

      ChillismChillismPrieš 5 val
  • en serio que quiero ser tu porque ser yo da asco

    Danna Camila Torres VargasDanna Camila Torres VargasPrieš 5 val

      ChillismChillismPrieš 5 val
  • When I'm away from you I'm happier than ever Wish I could explain it better I wish it wasn't true, mm-hmm Give me a day or two To think of something clever To write myself a letter To tell me what to do, mm-hmm Do you read my interviews? Or do you skip my avenue? When you said you were passing through, was I even on your way? I knew when I asked you to be cool about what I was telling you You'd do the opposite of what you said you'd do And I'd end up more afraid Don't say it isn't fair You clearly weren't aware that you made me miserable, ooh So if you really wanna know When I'm away from you (when I'm away from you) I'm happier than ever (I'm happier than ever) Wish I could explain it better (wish I could explain it better) I wish it wasn't true, mm-hmm You called me again, drunk in your Benz Driving home under the influence You scared me to death, but I'm wasting my breath 'Cause you only listen to your fucking friends I don't relate to you I don't relate to you, no 'Cause I'd never treat me this shitty You make me hate this city And I don't talk shit about you on the internet Never told anyone anything bad 'Cause that shit's embarrassing, you were my everything And all that you did was make me fucking sad So don't waste the time I don't have Don't try to make me feel bad I could talk about every time that you showed up on time But I'd have an empty line, 'cause you never did Never paid any mind to my mother or friends, so I Shut 'em all out for you 'cause I was a kid You ruined everything good Always said you were misunderstood Made all my moments your own Just fucking leave me alone

    Paula CastroPaula CastroPrieš 5 val
  • Veio que perfeita 🤩👏😍

    Maria EduardaMaria EduardaPrieš 6 val

      ChillismChillismPrieš 5 val
  • I am still so sad about xxx’s passing and I’m so sorry do you want to be with him and all of that Oh nothing only ones who are sad I love your music and I hope you’re still doing OK

    Milo RexMilo RexPrieš 6 val
  • billie doesn't know what green background is

    Lari  ClementeLari ClementePrieš 6 val

      ChillismChillismPrieš 5 val
  • la canción de mi vida no existe WOW la mejor canción del pto mundo...

    GrisGrisPrieš 6 val
  • I can’t relate to the lyrics but this song is amazing

    Ionela SoriciIonela SoriciPrieš 6 val
  • Lmfao

    viviviviPrieš 6 val
  • How do people like this chick

    Anime NerdAnime NerdPrieš 6 val
  • You should right a song about xxtenation

    Lilly bugLilly bugPrieš 6 val
  • ❤️

    Eduarialys_3722 3Eduarialys_3722 3Prieš 6 val
  • Billie i am love you

    nayane evillynnayane evillynPrieš 6 val
  • I love this song soo much ❤️❤️❤️

    Timothy HerewiniTimothy HerewiniPrieš 6 val
  • i just have one word: WOW

    ElolypopsElolypopsPrieš 6 val

      ChillismChillismPrieš 5 val
  • Díganme que cuando les pasa algo en su vida billie tiene una canción y lo dejan salir todo escuchandola con auriculares al máximo

    Stella VasquezStella VasquezPrieš 6 val

      ChillismChillismPrieš 5 val
  • This song hits different after a manic episode turned fight with your partner that turns into you blaring it full volume screaming in the shower

    abbigale Eliseabbigale ElisePrieš 6 val
  • A voz dela e de arrepiar----🛐❤️

    Emilly ThaisEmilly ThaisPrieš 6 val
    • Hello I'm. Zheng wei, I'm so sorry for bagging in here I'm here to also. Drop my comment, and the same time also reading people comment I came across your profile I decided to say hello to you, please don't be mad at me, I'm new here🥰🥰

      Zheng WeiZheng WeiPrieš 5 val
  • Postal found - a homophobic pharmacist - magic 8 ball is secretly postal

    g hg hPrieš 6 val
  • 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

    Axel JosephAxel JosephPrieš 7 val
  • la artista perfecta no exis...

    cosas de tik tok y mascosas de tik tok y masPrieš 7 val