Why Doesn't SpaceX Recover the Second Stage

6 Bal 2021
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In this animation we look at why SpaceX doesn't recover and reuse the second stage!
SpaceX has made getting to space much more affordable through reusability of its first stage. Why don't they recover the whole rocket and make space that much more affordable?

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Time Stamps
Intro - 00:00
Falcon 9 Details - 00:44
Liftoff - 01:09
Rocket Engine Basics - 01:58
How Does the Rocket Get to Orbit - 06:48
Why a Second Stage is Used - 07:43
First stage landing on earth - 09:08
Review on Why Only the First Stage Is Recovered - 09:48

Note: The physics and numerical data throughout this animation is in no way faultless. Theories have been simplified for comprehensibility.

  • Thank you everyone for engaging with this video through views, likes, suggestions and very kind words! I'm really glad to see many of you enjoying it!! Creating these animations alone from start to finish generates an array of challenges like balancing music/voice volumes, depth of details and number of topics covered. I appreciate the suggestions! Stay tuned as another animation is in coming together quiet well! As for the second stage, I believe they are left in their orbit to eventually fall back into the atmosphere where they burn up. Cheers!!

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  • Basically reusing the 2nd stage would dramatically decrease the maximum payload weight

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  • This is a great video. I love SpaceX and follow their rocket and engine development very closely. The way you explained everything was absolutely perfect and would help people like myself, or people who have never heard of SpaceX, understand these general principles. Well done!

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  • Maybe this is a stupid question. Is it not possible to design a rocket nozzle that can adjust its geometry to compensate for the external pressure? Much like how aeroplane wings have flaps and slats, and how thrust vectoring can adjust direction and diameter, can they not engineer a similar solution?

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  • With the second stage there is also a problem with the location of CG. Second stages natural tendency will be to return to earth engine side down so you would have to find a way to protect the engine on the way down. This can be done with a ballute that remains inflated all the way to ground to protect the engine and nozzle. Nobody has ever used a ballute in real life that I know of. Sounds like an opportunity to make another first SpaceX!

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  • Still seems like a waste of resources. Could SpaceX's future debris starship capture the 2nd stage and deliver it to a space remanufacturing facility kinda like Star Trek?

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  • Because of the tyranny of the rocket equation.

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  • At 2:21 you mention velocity, but the graphic shows acceleration (in m/s^2 NOT m/s).

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  • This channel should have a million subscribers, not those ones who fake their videos and actually get an insane amount of views

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  • Animation is the only way we see any of this. Its all fake. Space is fake. But hey, let them charge you 10 bucks a gal for gas for climate change and they send more fake rickets into space. You all are being Decieved.

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  • Russians had the idea first, see my video 12.

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  • Next thing Elon needs to work on is variable shaped rocket nozzle. Why can't the nozzle change in size/shape through the launch profile therefore maintaining efficiency? I picture it like colander, where the layered leaves can move therefore changing the shape of the nozzle.

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  • Very good explanation and visuals! Although I previously understood the concepts, it was definitely nice to have a good visual reference.

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  • A brillant video ! I loved it from the begining to the end. Thanks for all those clear informations, you did a great job !!

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  • Sooo...what exactly happens to the second stage? Burns up over some country?

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  • Very enjoyable👍👍👍.... Still I should like to know what the end of the second stage is... Does it remain floating in orbit or burn up completely in the atmosphere?

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  • So where does the 2nd stage go?? Does it float out into deep space never to be seen again or burns up during a reentry. I wouldn't think they just let it float around the Earth like junk. To bad there isn't a Space Garbage truck cruising around collecting this rocket boosters.

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  • I thought you'll explain simple way how really they fly, dude i quit school due to math and physic ghosts.

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  • Short answer : It goes too fast.

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  • I am sure many have asked, but why not have variable sized rockets, that can change shape?

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  • Kerbal Space engineers basically taught me everything I know about rocket logistics lmao. The orbit lines made me think of it.

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  • An aerospike engine is efficient at any altitude. Why don't they use one at least for the second stage?

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  • It's an incredible video and explains a lot of points. However, at the end of it, it begs the question, a rather critical one come a new space age - why won't SpaceX let the second stage fall to the atmosphere and let it burn up instead of it acting as an addition to the continually increasing space debris, causing a threat to the entirety of space exploration ahead of it?

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    • Upper stages are routinely deorbited in a controlled manner after they deliver their payload. The few that aren't deorbit on their own within a few months (LEO orbits decay relatively quickly). SpaceX are actually very good about minimizing debris in orbit, using pneumatic pushers for stage separate rather than pyrotechnics.

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  • Mechanically change the size of the nozzles during flight.

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  • IS the 2nd stage called uncontrolled return to earth?

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  • So the second stage just falls back to earth and burns up in the atmosphere?

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  • If I were you, I would explain it in less than 3 minutes. Keep in mind, no one has the time or the ability to be a scientist or a scientist- wannabe like you. Be less narcissistic, please.

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  • Why not make a variable nozzle. simple

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  • It's also in orbit and a long way down range, making it more impractical as well.

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  • so the second stage is floating in space somewhere?

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    • Nope it deorbits over the ocean a few hours after launch

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  • Why do americans tend to use kg and lbs? there's metric tons as well and tons.....

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  • .9

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  • Adjustable exhaust cones seem to be the next obvious stage of rocket evolution.

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  • So what ends up happening to the second stage? it just vaporizes during re-entry? or does it crash in the ocean

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  • Also, much of the recovered value is in the engine … the second stage has only one vs 9 on the first stage

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  • there are few things you missed i would like to understand.. 1. About MaxQ pressure 2. Why does SpaceX spin the second stage just prior to deploy?

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  • In reality and in the proposed use of "rockets" there is no need for an instant turn around rocket especially of the man rated versions. Musk is never going to send people to Mars in his Starship.

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  • I hope they launch recovery missions to prevent Kesler syndrome.

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  • Newton’s formula is F=MA. Mass times ACCELERATION, not velocity. Minor point as the fuel is essentially not moving relative to the engine, but the correct terms should be used. When you expanded the formula on the right you did correctly express it in terms of acceleration (m/sec² ) and not velocity (which would be simply m/sec)

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  • The answer is at 10 minutes.

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  • What happens to the second stage? Does it remain as space junk or when does it fall and disintegrate? If it disintegrates, where does it fall and does it represent a danger? Edit: he answered it in the follow up video! ltsoft.info/down/vnzVaJrTp5TAktQ/vaizdo-ra-as

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  • so does the second stage crash back to earth or stay in orbit

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  • so you are saying space x dont know how to return the 2nd stage, and making giant space junk

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    • It deorbits

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  • Q? Why doesn't SpaceX add three 1st stage Merlins to the area between the payload/capsule and 2nd stage booster? Then using a 180° rotation, slow down the second stage using the 2nd stage Merlin, upon decent, rotate 180° again to use the 1st stage Merlins to land the second stage. It would require an additional height equal to the height of the 1st stage Merlins.

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    • As many others stated, it does appear it was too loud. I’ve taken that into consideration for all future videos, and I hope you can appreciate the change in my latest video “What happens with the second stage”

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