Emanet 119. Bölüm | Legacy Episode 119

18 Vas 2021
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Yaman Kırımlı is a successful and young businessman who had a rough childhood but never gave up, on the contrary he even became stronger with every obstacle. He started his life from the bottom and became very wealthy. All he has in his world, is a family that he has to take care of after his father’s death. He closed his heart to all romantic feelings a long time ago and his only weakness is his 5-year old nephew… Little Yusuf is very well protected under his uncle’s arms, but he craves loves and sympathy. The only happy image in his mind is his aunt Seher.

Seher is a beautiful and humble girl living with her grandfather. Her life is shaken by the death of her sister who was the bride of the Kırımlı family. From now on, she has a legacy she has to take care at all costs: Her little nephew Yusuf. This adventure will arise the long hidden secrets of the Kırımlı mansion; while a whole another legacy will start to grow in Seher and Yaman's hearts.

  • Cok guzel :*💓💗💟❤💕💝💖

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  • Sondaki şarkıyı bilen varmı😍😍

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  • Gostaria de saber porque ele briga tanto com ela

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  • Thanks God 😍😍😍 but I have a question they couldn't have copy 😂😂😂

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  • Quando ele olha dentro desse olhão verde dela ele se perde no tempo..❤💕😍😁😁😁

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  • Can i get english subtitle please

    Mehleen KhanMehleen KhanPrieš 2 dienas
  • @mihrilee Thanx

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  • Goldstar to the two witches......acting fantastic

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  • Waiting to see the English translation

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  • Exhibit "A" 48:35...pick any of her hurt expressions during the last episodes! She's not being like that for her sister or the money. Ikbal wanted to be his bride!

    peace2speakpeace2speakPrieš 4 dienas
  • Since the earlier episodes I've been thinking that Ikbal has unrequited feelings for Yaman. She probably was trying to hook Yaman but had to settle for Ziya. I'm more certain of that today!

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  • Amei esse casamento

    Rosilania MariaRosilania MariaPrieš 5 dienų
  • Vocês não vão fazer mais episódio eu vi até o 155 e depois não tem mais eu queria ver até o final

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  • Госпожа Назмие,вы привыкли писать сценарий убивая главных героев,как в фильмах Ты назови,клятва,не поступайте так с Сехер и Яманам

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  • No kiss?! 😏

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  • Oh dear! No translations again - 112 and now the wedding episode. 🤔🙁 so sad for all of us who do not understand Turkish language.

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    • Ya... So saaad

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  • Look How Beautifull they Are Looking💕💕💕💕HOW REAL THEY ARE💕💕💕MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN🧿🧿🧿🧿🧿🧿🧿❤❤❤❤❤🧿🧿🧿🧿❤❤❤🧿🧿🧿🧿

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  • Səhər selimlə olanları anlatsa yaman ondan qisas almaz

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  • Yamanın qardaşı da dəli olsada reks etməyi bacarır😀amma ikbalın katil olduğunu demir

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  • Where are Mihrilee's translations?

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  • All characters of this drama series acts stunning and outstanding..d director did so well..everybody were good and well..All really did great..AWARD WINNING DRAMA SERIES

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  • What is that tune they played while everyone dance??

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      MarinaMarinaPrieš 10 dienų
  • they do not have table to sit? not even for bride and groom very bad movie

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  • U ovo vrijeme izolacije a čekajući ozdravljenje od kovida uživam koliko mogu u datim epizodama.Nadam se da ću lakše podnijeti ovu napast zvanu Korona. .

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  • Não tô entendendo nada mais estou adorando 😃😃😃

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  • Donde está la sonrisa de este apuesto caballero

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  • Mlada izgleda kao vila iz bajke ai mladozenja elegantan divan par veliko bravo

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  • 👏👏👏👏👏👏🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

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  • 52:41 look at aunt sultan 🤣🤣🤣

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  • Esses olhares...

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  • Vallah bu İkbal Yamanı sevir,bilinecek sonuçda,psikopat bu İkbal

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  • 3:30 right when people clapped Seher seemed to have come out of another world. The way she looked around was amazing as if they both forgot there were other people there too. I loved the way they stared at each other as if they were mesmerized by each other . That was amazing . Very well done. I did not want it to end. I guess Seher and Yaman as well. It is sad that they messed up such a beautiful event by the nasty faces of Ikbal and Zuhal. Seher was very worried. We saw she over heard Yaman say once we go throw that door everything will be different. That door meant the door of marriage and life after getting married -------> to Yaman That door meant the door of Yaman's bedroom and what would happens that night ----> to Seher That is why he was excited and she was worried. 52:02 It is almost end of the party and Seher is worried sick thinking what was going to happen once the party was over. Sila is so great at showing this feeling in her face. I love how supportive of her Yaman is. He was watching her every second and was supportive and tried to calm her. 'Yaman Stay that way and you will win her.' 23:08 (((👿👿👿👿Ikbal is hurting Ziya))) What I do not understand is that why while 😞Zyia was hurting and moaned 😞 right in front of Seher and Yaman, not one showed any reaction. They want us to believe they did not see him hurt and complain, before she asked him to dance?????👿 Some one mentioned and I checked found at 52:41 Sultan was taking the napkins off the table and putting them in her purse . She is a Kleptomaniac. Where is Ali to see his own aunt is kleptomaniac 😁 😆 😅 😂 🤣😁 😆 😅 😂 🤣😁 😆 😅 😂 🤣

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  • Seher yabani gibi kendi tarafı olmayan hiç bir misafirle ilgilenmemiş 😀

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  • Ohhh iyi oldu zuhal simdi delir artik

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  • Una boda soñada ...maravillosa ...unica ...real...magnifica ...inolvidables...💖💖💖💖💝💝💝💝

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  • Bu kadar şık bir düğün konseptine plastik şişede gelin su içiyor 😁 hep bir eksik 🙈

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  • Millət koronodan ölür ikbal hikkəsindən öləcək

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  • ol canin cigsinterbiyesiz😱😈👿😈👿😈👿👿

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  • Can someone give me the link for the wedding song that they danced to? It’s such a wonderful song.

    chabufulchabufulPrieš 20 dienų
    • @chabuful you're welcome! 😄😄

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    • @Γιαννης Μπετακιας 🙏🏼 thank you 😊

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    • Emanet _ Muge Zumrutbel

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  • I have never seen such a wonderful wedding, touching senses. Yaman and Seher are awesome.

    Aynur HajızadehAynur HajızadehPrieš 21 dieną
  • Please bring back subtitles in English....

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  • 🦉ikbal alev alev yakıl

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  • Am so happy yaman and seher 😍💞

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  • 17:22 Where is the security in that office building ??? Why no one questions the absence of Zuhale? Why no one noticed the nasty face of Ikbal? Why these few people are able to do so much mischiefs and no one notices or questions. Why there is such a low security in the house and office of a man like Yaman.

    F StanF StanPrieš 23 dienas
  • I love this couple so much that I want to scream match made in heaven . OMG those stares in to each other's eyes are heavenly. It seems to me that when she looks into his eyes she gets calm. Yes I know I was upset by the abuse he put her through but if they were left alone none of that would have happened. I love zia as well he is one of the nicest people on this show. He would be happier if he married Neslihan.

    F StanF StanPrieš 23 dienas
  • Hayırlı uğurlu olsun

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  • Sevinc TalibovaSevinc TalibovaPrieš 26 dienų
  • Hani Arif baba nikah şahidi olacakdi? 🤔

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  • Insan bi su bardagi koyar gelin masasina siseyle su icmek zenginligin gözü kör olsun 🤭

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  • Sila and Halil the best couple in Turkey !! ❤💗💗💖💖💟💟💝💝

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  • Get ambulance please, don’t alll just stand there looking

    Pakize TathamPakize TathamPrieš mėn
  • The wedding was blaring. Was expecting it to be much better. Very cold atmosphere. Glad wasn’t invited

    Pakize TathamPakize TathamPrieš mėn
  • Hirsiiiz Sultan hala 😅

    Marua ElesovaMarua ElesovaPrieš mėn
  • Elə bil xiristiyan toydur. Ordan bir yanıq kərəm gəlsin., 🤔

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  • Bir gülüş bu kadar güzelmi olur🥰

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  • Konacno❤❤❤❤

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  • Seheri mal baxishlari olmasa daha yaxshi olar

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  • Zuhal deli

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  • .ไม่เข้าใจตัวละครซูฮาน นางจะเสียใจด้วยเหตุได เพราะยาม่านไม่เคยสนใจนางเลยตั้งแต่ต้น ไม่มีนางในสายตาเลย และนางก็ไม่เคยมีช่วเวลากับพระเอกเลย

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  • Muito lindos

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  • Por favor traduz em Português

    Marlene Campaneruttu RomaniMarlene Campaneruttu RomaniPrieš mėn
  • Najbolja serija koju sam gledala, volela bih da kraj bude srecan 😘

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  • The eye lashes on our bad boy👀♥️❤️😘😍💕🥰😘❤️😘😍💕only for our sweet princess 💋

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  • Of bu qeder baxmasalar,bir-birine

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  • My god I'm in love😍🥰😍

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  • Como posso assistir (LTsoft ou Netflix), essa série Legacy, dublado e completo em Português.

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  • Yusuf cute

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  • birisi bana karavandaki şarkının adını söyleyebilir mi?

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  • Nossa eu me emocionei muito 😭😭😭😭 que coisa linda que casamento mais lindo estão todos de parabéns do elencos Brasil aqui tá amando ❤️❤️❤️🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷😍😍😍🧡🧡❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

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  • Walai all the episodes I have watched, I have never seen such a beautiful wedding 🌹🌹🌹Mashallah

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  • ترجمه بلعربيه ممكن

    ام الينام الينPrieš mėn
  • İnsan ruhuna belə yaxın buraxmamalıdır pis niyyəti.Hər şey insanın düşüncəsinə bağlıdı.Ruhunu gözəl tutanın,ətrafa niyyətidə gözəl olur..Ətrafımız ruhu gözəl insanlarla dolsun inşAllah.Her kes hep mutluluk yaşasın.Bu arada Azərbaycandan Türkiyəyə selamlar🇦🇿🌹

    Sebine AgayevaSebine AgayevaPrieš mėn
  • Emanet is the very top of turkish series and you mr ibrahim briliant actor certainly the best in 2021. For gods sake where the producers and directors have held you until now? From serbia

    Nada banjacNada banjacPrieš mėn
  • Como vou esperar até amanhã? how will I wait until tomorrow?

    Rock girlRock girlPrieš mėn
  • Yaman'ın xosu gelir seheri heyacanlandirmaqdan

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  • Tive que voltar por causa de neslihan e firat, noss shipoooo

    Astronauta PerdidoAstronauta PerdidoPrieš mėn
  • Acho que ja chega de sofrimento, para Seher e yaman. Eles merecem curtir o casamento,sem as maldades das duas cobras!

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  • 😙

    K VK VPrieš mėn
  • 💗💖😍😘😚😗

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  • Davulsuz Zurnasiz dügün mü olur!!???

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    • Como vou esperar até amanhã? how will I wait until tomorrow?

      Rock girlRock girlPrieš mėn
  • O tombo das cobras foi grande kk Poderiam se engasgar com os próprios venenos seria ótimo e deixar nosso casal sossegado

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  • Super serija, hahahahha igbal

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    • Sher schön

      Ailsa NiAilsa NiPrieš mėn
  • Mlogo lepa serija veiko bravoooo

    Nada TodorovicNada TodorovicPrieš mėn
    • Фильм,содержание,хороший,номного взамри играют,устаеш

      Ailsa NiAilsa NiPrieš mėn
  • Lindos ❤

    Solange TutorialSolange TutorialPrieš mėn
    • English subtitles please

      eioshen boboieioshen boboiPrieš mėn
  • A Seher tá com muito medo de entrar nesse quarto. E o Yaman tá cheio de amor pra dar. Kkkkk

    nieooj gotoynieooj gotoyPrieš mėn
    • English subtitles please

      Ailsa NiAilsa NiPrieš mėn
  • ❣️❣️❣️ Naj naj bolja serijaaa❤️❤️❤️❤️🌹🌹

    Leonora BilicLeonora BilicPrieš mėn
    • How take the fake fails imaging

      eioshen boboieioshen boboiPrieš mėn
  • Hrvatski

    Snezana DulovicSnezana DulovicPrieš mėn
  • O q?nem no dia do casamento sai um beijo de vdd😍😍eu não acredito em q eu estou vendo😍😍

    Dilson SilvaDilson SilvaPrieš mėn
    • Frumoši mei 👰🤵miri Seher👰💍🤵Yaman casi 🕊️🕊️porumbeii🥰♥️........,👋ve salut Tare mult

      nieooj gotoynieooj gotoyPrieš mėn
  • Hope Yaman and the two Yamans confedant will investgate this two evil witch , but , I remember there is a video camera around the house . Yaman said that when they was locked down in the basement

    mariju bulauitanmariju bulauitanPrieš mėn
  • Zuhal oyundan cikmycakmy artyk cyksyn oyundan sinirlerimi oynotyo😡😠

    Jeyhun TemurowJeyhun TemurowPrieš mėn
  • Niko, nikada od svih glumaca na svetu nije tako njezno,cedno,nevino i iskreno odglumio LJUBAV kao Seher i Jaman tj.Sila i C ovi predivno talentovani mladi glumci...zasluzuju "Oskara",slaaaatki su neka ich cuva.dobri Bog🙏❤

    Rosa SelenicRosa SelenicPrieš mėn
  • Prevod na srpski 119 epizoda fatalna ljubav turska serija

    Snezana DulovicSnezana DulovicPrieš mėn
    • Fatalna ljubav turska serija sve epiode prevod hrvatski

      Snezana DulovicSnezana DulovicPrieš mėn

    jairell tandayagjairell tandayagPrieš mėn
  • All of us Emanet fans feels so good that this beautiful wedding went perfect with no interruption 😍😍❤👍🏼

    yasio boloyasio boloPrieš mėn
  • On this episode she’s acting like Child

    Mevlude haniMevlude haniPrieš mėn
  • Фильм,содержание,хороший,номного взамри играют,устаеш

    Bayaz EhmedovaBayaz EhmedovaPrieš mėn