Bubble Gum Blowing Battle

29 Vas 2020
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New chewing gum challenge! What could be more fun! We have prepared some cool tasks for you, thanks to which you will love chewing gum even more.

Supplies and tools:
• Bubble gums
• Wasabi
• Citric acid
• Food coloring
• Food markers
• Scissors
• Modeling tool
• Corn syrup
• Balloon
• Rubbing alcohol
• Acrylic paint

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  • This was my first Troon troop vid

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    • @Ella Greenfield god I'm guessing they sent disgusting links to dating websites on a kid friendly channel

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    • Ew, this channel is family friendly and for KIDS. send that in to a different video, you’re so dirty minded.

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    • Ew, this channel is family friendly and for KIDS. send that in to a different video, you’re so dirty minded.

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  • Why how did I now that there was a camera he wo wo wo no violence on this channel 😱😱

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  • I choose a rainbow bubble gum

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  • dont watch any of there vids the steal hacks from other PEOPLE!!!

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  • This woman's name 0:18

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  • How do you do that

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  • Once I blew a bubble it was really big almost bigger than my face but it was the size of my face

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  • 0:07 The camera person sis just crouching down while he walks in the garden💅 New Geinus

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