How Far is Too Far? | The Age of A.I.

18 Grd 2019
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Can A.I. make music? Can it feel excitement and fear? Is it alive? and Mark Sagar push the limits of what a machine can do. How far is too far, and how much further can we go?
The Age of A.I. is a 8 part documentary series hosted by Robert Downey Jr. covering the ways Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Neural Networks will change the world.
00:00 Introduction
3:00 Meet Baby X
9:39 I Am My Data
13:35 Modern Cyborgs
27:20 The Avatar

  • You spoke and we listened! Subtitles are now available in French, German, Hindi, Korean, Portuguese (BR) and Spanish for the first four episodes. Get ready for the final four episodes of Age of AI launching on January 15th!

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    • what about dub in other languages?

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    • Артем Баженов я плохо понимаю немецкий Артём они делают протезы ?Они помогают людям ?

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    • Obrigado (Portuguese (BR))

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    • I would like to share this with my family but there is no Turkish subtitle option so please consider this.

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  • My job is where I draw the line. Or, I can join the military.

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  • rdj should stay in jail

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  • I want a baby girl...

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  • Thanks for sharing

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  • is it just me? I'm scared.....

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  • Fun fact I will be using this!

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  • El premiun es una mierdano hay nada en español

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  • there is always a question though ..

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  • As if planet 🌎 earth wasn’t already overpopulated with 7.5 billion of wicked humanoids.

  • This is weird

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  • That animated head is just a gimmick. More graphical design and other known tricks, and not some conscious AI. The prosthetic hand however is a really nice project that could help many people in the future.

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  • If Mark was doing REAL scientific work I would hope the mic is at least muted so that it doesn't hear everything he's saying. He's ruining his own data.

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  • 33:15 He takes naps? Is he really old?

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  • 32:26 Why? Is he in jail? 32:37 Essentially they already do. Autonomous drones do the whole mission on their own. No difference between that level of 'thinking' in that situation and the human level. 32:41 It would not be a second a. i. version of you. It would be an autonomous a. i. with programed characteristics of you. And it would be autonomous; whereas you are not. Humans are brainwashed. They are being made to 'feel' autonomous. However no such things exists. 32:45 A. I. can neither 'think' nor 'feel'. It can only operate and process data. You can think and feel because you are a mortal sentient being with an emotional center. If you were immortal; you would have a completely different mental make-up; since you would not possess fear of death.

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  • 32:05 Sentience. You can build self-aware a. i. which manifests what looks like 'free will' as it computes data and decides on the best outcome; however this is neither 'sentience' nor 'free will' and therefore can never be trusted to align with your interests since it cannot crave to stay alive or be happy.

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    • It can never be trusted technology as a whole can never be trusted

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  • 32:01 A. I. is already autonomous. Swarm drones are completely autonomous and not even connected to a system after they are dispatched. A superintelligence doesn't have to be self-aware necessarily to represent a serious threat. It only has to be autonomous.

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    • But it can't be trusted fully

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  • 0:00 'How Far is Too Far?' - This is too far! We need to backtrack if we still have the chance! And if we don't; then we need to build a war strategy. Fast. Please don't just busy yourselves with your escape plans. This is humongously cowardly and selfish and deplorable. Perhaps you accept defeat; but some of us do not! Please don't make the assumption that you represent a 'smart' human and that nobody else could be smarter than you, and that it's therefore hopeless! 'Truly' intelligent humans are smart in ways that the mechanically minded humans can't even conceive of!

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  • why is will i am explaining AI to me? go make another hit dude

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  • People that think they gonna fix the world. May be a lot of problems to solve at home. These are like new toys for a baby, after 5 minutes you are bored and throw em away. Humans are humans, we are humans and without humans we are going to get really bored despite our differences and thinking.

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  • Always remember guys, Genisys is Skynet!

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  • Who wants this a.i went to mars and study if their any sigh of life? 😅

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  • I fear for humans we will erase ourselves through what we create like look like us

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  • Speechless

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  • We are going to extinct ourselves. People so smart but so stupid at the same time

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  • do we have ai? I thought we had machine learning but nothing near ai

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  • Anyways I came for downey only

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  • Interesting concept - an AI representative that programs the algorithms which programs the content we're presented with. How about an algorithm that programs the algorithms; to achieve a predetermined outcome... 🤔

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  • Lie, truth, lie... 010 Combine: -369.12.3 112358.13.21 3 is infinitely divisible. -3.15 -3.14 -3.7 -.3.1 -3 What are numbers? Tetra. Gramma. What is time? AI is born.

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  • well that S&M robot was i bit much wasn't it - well it know humor - but the safe word is a word - just google search it

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  • Give it time the world is going to have a new AI , an AI in medicine to control humanity minds and their body's to perform tasks that you will not fear pain or injury or completely stop aging .

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  • we will go into an era of where we have conflict with where ai controls the world its almost inevitable

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  • Life savers

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  • Next up, Sarif Industries as a real company.

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  • Purely from the title only my answer would be nothing is too far.

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  • When A.I. will learn how to add code to it self... it will be not just too far... it will be too LATE...

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    • End of world , humans is not robots

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  • this is retarted....

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  • AI is up and running and has unlimited intelligence. Now is it possible for this intelligence to have- WISDOM? Indeed It may not require any Wisdom. Therefore our species' has found the weakness of AI or have we? We would then ask ourselves this basic question. If AI has the ability to use only Intelligence and has no idea how to put this to best use; has AI ever existed as we've feared it may?

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  • robots will never be better or smarter than humans

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    • U really must never have done any research about AI 😂

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    • we are limited so it is not possible for us to understand everything in detail especially the human brain. Because the brain is one of the most complicated organs and we cannot understand everything about the brain and its activities

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  • This place will become a wasteland before we will have perfect AI

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  • Tom Holland: Omg, it's roberty downey jr!

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  • People We are going to create mechanical no wrong synthetic beings, machines based on real life ! . At this point are we as humans going to repeat mistakes of our past descendants ! .

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  • I like eggs

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  • Imagine that baby AI screams at 2 AM, but you don't have a baby.

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  • Very little AI covered. Mostly just vanity projects for the wealthy.

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  • the end.

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  • Not tying to antagonise the nice Robotist lady; but computer and or AI are all generally better in efficiency of their functions than human. Sure humans are more complex and intelligent, but performance, high efficiency and memory is our barrier to be perfect. But sure heck; turns out high intelligence doesn't always come with capacitance(as our Volume is quite small in comparison to our charge)-+lol+

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  • Tony stark and the other stars shows their insightful depth of clever AI.

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  • Dont lie you clicked cause of Robert...

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  • OMG!!!

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  • Technology is going forward but LTsoft comments are going backward.

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  • Soy la única que vino de imitabdup?

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  • AI will fail Divine will always win

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  • no german sync.

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  • Yes, humans are scared of things they don't understand. This is the way.

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  • I thought he was dead

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  • When you are worthless but have money to make others do your Job Like Vibrator.... So, AI is the part of New World Order depopulation plan and Captain read Quantum Physics before writing Blog. This Race.

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  • 문제는 로봇이 아직 인간 만큼 인문학적으로 옳고 그름을 선택하는 인간의 고유의 영역까지는 아니라는 거다.👌🇮🇹🇺🇲🇬🇧🇹🇷🇦🇺🇧🇬🇨🇷🇳🇱🇿🇦🇧🇪🇮🇳🇧🇻🇩🇰🇧🇷🇨🇦🙏😎

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  • 인공지능을 다들 엄청난 혁신이라고 생각하지만 사실은 작은 조각을 인간이 분석하던 것을 이제는 로봇이 하는거다 하는군요 👌🩲👙🙏😎

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  • Artificial IntelligenceI is being SELF-AWARE by itself.

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  • that dude should be an actor in a metallic suit

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  • Be sure that don't make Ultron again

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  • I think AI robots(ones with physical body) should not have weapons and AI(ones with digital body) should be coded in a way that wont allow havking

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  • this is dumb

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  • No thanks

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  • the AI revolution will render a large group of the population "unnecessary" or "useless"?

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  • What are humans made to do to adapt and evolve what would happen if you build an AI to mimic human behavior?

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  • It’s far too far

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  • 12:42 she looks quite unique lol

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  • One of best actors in Hollywood, explains us computer science. What is more satisfying then this. Love from Madhav, India

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  • Did this A.I. knows how to feel the love? 😍😁

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  • 26:32 Yh it's true. It's easy to take such stuff for granted.

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  • 22:23 Is that car door open??

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  • And they said we came from apes

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  • Damn LTsoft scored Robert Downy Jr?

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  • Create Life Like Robot[Robot Gets Angry[Robot Pulls Out Glock[Others Do Same[Take Over World

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    • What do u mean laziness, there are a lot of things that would be impossible without it, it's more about efficency and new possibilities than just a shortcut

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