Life Without Internet | Sister Vs Brother Funny Struggles and Relatable Moments by La La Life Music

28 Vas 2021
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Oh no😡Wi-Fi's down again😩Life without the Internet? Impossible for a teen!😟 But wait..maybe it's a new Challenge?
Sister and brother are home alone... Internet’s down🎮
What do they do now? Lily and Chris have some ideas💡
WATCH teens living without internet for 24 hours in the NEW episode of La La Life Musical!🎶
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00:00 No Internet
00:33 Toilet paper Instagram
00:53 Brother cooking
01:16 Lily’s secret
01:41 I’ll fix it!
02:04 Smart sister
02:44 Neighbor’s Wi-Fi
03:15 Connection
03:45 Plan
04:04 Long journey
04:26 We can survive
04:41 Sis vs Bro struggles
05:33 Offline games
05:52 Drawing challenge
06:16 Time capsule
07:23 I’m so bored
07:48 Mom's back
08:10 Family dinner
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    • Yes

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  • Awwww lily and chrid so cuteeee💗💗💗💟💟💟💓💓💜💜💛💚💙❤

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  • La la life is stupid

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  • 5:48 *Wt-*

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  • Lala life is very very best

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  • La la life can you make living in a room for 24 hours

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