Brutally Murdering My Family In Minecraft

1 Geg 2021
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mmmmm yes interesting description


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  • boffy you remind me of my 25 year old brother and you are so funny and i always enjoy watching you

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  • Are you playing an old version of Minecraft or is that just the only version of Minecraft you can play

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  • 1:31 A random 9 year old being “DePpReSeD and SaD” And they are the sheep and there is the lava. *cutely ignores death*

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  • At least boffy helped the village with the cows

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  • why do i find his voice so comforting despite the words he say😂

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  • After today I learned that Minecraft has some MESSED UP secrets

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  • 30sec into the vide and boffy is trying to burn babies. nothing out of the ordinary "and were not gonna kill him" boffy 3 sec later: "what happens if I put him in the oven?"

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  • What version is this? Didn’t realize MCA got an outlaw and pillaged update

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  • hey I know you probably mean well, but domestic abuse really isn't anything to joke about. it's something that legitimately affects people's lives, and I feel like you've crossed a line with some of your jokes in this video. yeah it's just a game, but it's still a very serious topic that should not be taken so lightly

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  • 8:44

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  • Just came across this channel. You Brutally murder Minecraft Animals and your Minecraft family? I subscribe cause I do too

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  • His videos never fail to make me laugh.

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  • Wait what why would you kill a family, especially your own?

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  • i thought this was Minecraft not killing stalking

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