Painting on Seashells (AGAIN)

23 Lie 2021
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Hey Guys! today I am doing a highly requested video of painting on seashells. I've noticed you guys reminding me OVER AND OVER to do this, since I decorated seashells for the last 2 summers. Your persistence paid off, and I'm back at it again 😂 Remind me next year to keep the tradition going!

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I guess I'll start a playlist for these! Here are all the seashell painting videos so far:

This is a really fun and easy summer art project. It can also be really relaxing and perfect for anyone looking for a way to try art therapy. Decorating shells is so calming and therapeutic, especially if you dod the dots and patterns sort of style. Posca paint pens are perfect for that by the way!

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    • PLEASE DO A Painting on shoes🎨👟👠👞👠👠👠👠👠👠👠👠

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  • I was thinking, maybe Moriah could paint an apron for her BAKE WITH ME series (Just for decoration, not my idea).

    Galaxy MouseGalaxy MousePrieš 3 val
  • Moriah should create earrings with her characters as pairs e.g. Shelly and Eustace and Pickled Pink and Pickle!

    Willow POWillow POPrieš 11 val
  • DNF 2:03

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  • Oh I have a hole shell Collection I do have this big one but it has a hole in it but I still like it I also have collected beach sand Idk why I did that but it’s for memory and to show I am obviously weird… YAY 😁 heh yaaaaay yeah …I’ll shut up now 😶 ( walks away slowly)…

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  • I loooove the comedy it da best but what app do u use for editing? Cuz I could use it just wondering tho

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  • I think Moriah should do a yearbook with all of her characters in it day 1 of asking comment 1

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  • Moriah: add a bow on anything ans it will look cute Me: draws somthing creepy oh ill add a bow uhhh...... its BEAUTIFUL

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  • I am wondering what you use for the finish? I have recently started painting shells and I am looking for a good finish.

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  • I was thinking you could paint on your walls with Posca pens

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  • Love em all! My faves are the woodland creatures

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  • Moriah can u pls make ANOTHER painting on seashells video Pls 🙏🏻🥺

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  • Dang it, I thought the first two were gonna be cousin derp and pickle.

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  • it would be so cute if the merch plushies had costumes

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  • Moriah should make a yearbook full of her characters... the seniors could be the oldest characters etc. She should include pages for a class clown, best couple, etc copy and paste so that Moriah can see this... (not originally my idea, I just found it as a good idea...) I am in yearbook you should also do what your characters would say in an interview. It shows a picture of your character and next to it is the interview answers Also, did anyone else think she was going to do a pickle and cousin derp themed seashell set on the first one

  • Me being confused as hell until realizing she lives in America and I live in Australia

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  • am i the only one that automaticly thought she was gonna do pickle and cosin derp when she pulled out the blue and green on the first shells?

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  • Remember to like, clean your room I geuss

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  • Michael's carries poasca pens that you can buy one at a time and they have a lot more color options than most of the posca pen sets. Hobby lobby has their own brand which varies a little in color. good video!

    ivy woodsivy woodsPrieš 8 dienų
  • its so funny that you used your own memes

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  • you should do some Halloween themed squishies or sea shells. you could do some candy corn, green witches brew. or some mummy bears

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  • A few months from now we’re gonna see frank merch.

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  • I liked it when you where smothering paint on ur hands

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  • It will be a bit hard for me next year since I live in Australia but I will try to help Moriah remember

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