Airsoft Battle Royale 2 | Dude Perfect
Dude Perfect
Time for round 2 of another epic airsoft battle!
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  • Dude Perfect
    Dude Perfect

    Y’all like this series? 🤙🏼 Thumbs up if we should run it back... ► Watch last year’s Airsoft 1:

    • GoldenJack Hammer
      GoldenJack Hammer

      This is one of my favorite types of battles!


      You guys should do teams of 2

    • Santiago Brizuela
      Santiago Brizuela


    • Kaleem Mohammed
      Kaleem Mohammed


    • DophinCraft Games RBLX
      DophinCraft Games RBLX

      yeah we want something like this

  • Tyler Martinez
    Tyler Martinez

    My name is Tyler

  • Hython

    What music did they use?

  • Riley Chamberlin
    Riley Chamberlin

    You should do volly ball trick shots

  • Riley Chamberlin
    Riley Chamberlin

    To this is awesome

  • Tsuku Chan
    Tsuku Chan

    Can anyone realize that this isn’t an actual battle royale?

  • Chris Kastella
    Chris Kastella

    more air soft battles

  • Sanjeev Kumar
    Sanjeev Kumar

    Eddy loves Dude Perfect

  • Rihards Zebuliņš
    Rihards Zebuliņš

    How abaut airsoft batyle 3

  • Cylus Schmitz
    Cylus Schmitz

    If anyone caught cody was the first one like really eliminated even though he had 5 balloons yet everybody else had 3.

  • Cylus Schmitz
    Cylus Schmitz

    did anyone notice tat cody has 5 balloons

  • ElhamDaMasta 27
    ElhamDaMasta 27

    When you watch this, you feell like buying an airsoft gun

  • Jane Ray
    Jane Ray

    These videos are as much fun to watch as they apparently are to film. Please do more airsoft battles guys!

  • Jay Don
    Jay Don

    Hey no hate but how did Coby come by Ty explode his balloons

  • Reetesh Singh
    Reetesh Singh

    Go Cubs

  • Fortnieyboi71 Hehe
    Fortnieyboi71 Hehe

    Put sparky in more vids he’s a legend

  • siddharth jain007
    siddharth jain007

    Is it just me or has anyone else wondered how the bomb Tyler used exploded Coby's balloons but didn't hurt him? What was the bomb?

  • Rozer Gogna
    Rozer Gogna


  • Trick shot Heaven
    Trick shot Heaven

    Pls can you sub to me I am trying to reach 100,000 In have just started my channel am doing trickshots it may not be that much to you but it would mean a lot to me

  • Velja

    airsoft battle royale 3 ?

  • Faay M
    Faay M

    Please do battle Royale three .

  • OrangeGamer9787

    I was SHOUTING at the end of the battle, I was about to get sad about it, and then suddenly Sparks gets that brilliant shot(wasn't that brilliant since Ty was out of ammo), but boy that was something

  • Lilian Alscha
    Lilian Alscha

    Please Part 3

  • Jorens Šmats
    Jorens Šmats

    With what you are shooting

  • Nicholas Ooi
    Nicholas Ooi

    Who is SPARKY? He looks new ,weicome to dude perfect.👍👍👍

  • Spicy Spy
    Spicy Spy

    Lets see if they can survive a milsim event

  • vishnu sai
    vishnu sai

    hi u have some of like pubg 100 people in a ground so

  • William Watkins
    William Watkins

    I’m goin for red team

  • michael murphy
    michael murphy

    Never underestimate the pistol 🔫

  • Tricki Dog
    Tricki Dog

    Nice vid

  • Amy Eyler
    Amy Eyler

    Nice vid

  • Nathan Carlson
    Nathan Carlson

    Hey Dude Perfect - this was an awesome video. My son Wyatt (8yrs old) and I loved it! We were wondering if there was any way we could get involved and be a part of Battle Royale 3? If maybe that’s a hard pass due to COVID-19 he would also be willing to do a video game challenge! Thanks!

  • Poop monster vlog
    Poop monster vlog

    I love apex legend

  • Red Galaxy
    Red Galaxy

    Too cool

  • Chico The Goat
    Chico The Goat

    We need more air soft games 😂💯

  • Callsign Rattle
    Callsign Rattle

    You guys should have Jet Desertfox in your next airsoft video

  • Mycca Lindstrand
    Mycca Lindstrand


  • GM Studios
    GM Studios

    anyone think sparky is panda

  • jacob stretton
    jacob stretton

    do more airsoft battles

  • Olivia maria De assis lemos
    Olivia maria De assis lemos

    Coloca legendas em português por favooooooooooooor

  • Fischer 9090
    Fischer 9090

    Is it funny that they don’t actually play apex but just get sponsored

  • Caden Zhang
    Caden Zhang

    the cameraman makes it too obvious to the rest of the players where there is someone

  • Hyperstorm

    Lets all agree that in this video, Tyler looks like Captain Price from call of duty modern warfare.🔥

  • Kumar N
    Kumar N

    Cody have 5 balloons??

  • Gusher Kid 27 GD
    Gusher Kid 27 GD

    That was the coolest ending ever oh my gosh

  • Magma 548
    Magma 548

    So I tried apex legends after this... still sucks

    • Magma 548
      Magma 548

      Ghost Blackburz true

    • Ghost Blackburz
      Ghost Blackburz

      Magma 548 your just saying what the community is saying

  • karya kazhe
    karya kazhe


  • Farel Adriano Farel Adriano
    Farel Adriano Farel Adriano

    Aim like this is chanel


    i am italyan we love you here

  • Kieran Marriott
    Kieran Marriott

    Do an airsoft series where you revue guns and test and do games

  • Freetime Vlogstar
    Freetime Vlogstar

    Awesome video 😃

  • Ebola

    Nice copying mrbeast

  • Suhaidi Sabri
    Suhaidi Sabri

    I liked your music

  • Wild Cherry Kaboom
    Wild Cherry Kaboom

    Anybody notice how some pictures of like the guns were from rainbow six siege

  • Light Tdm
    Light Tdm

    Red should have lost since they cheated

  • Ankit Kharb
    Ankit Kharb

    I am loving this game i want to also play with you

  • Franz dale Lomayog
    Franz dale Lomayog

    These dudes can die happy.

  • Non RTM TV
    Non RTM TV


  • [gd&more game] jinwoo youtube
    [gd&more game] jinwoo youtube

    wow so funny!!!!

  • Dylan Jones
    Dylan Jones

    Cody getting 5 balloons is cheap. Understandable but it’s the only reason they won

  • Farid isa
    Farid isa

    Nice team red

  • Sam Henderson
    Sam Henderson

    Military base

  • Lacy Roberts
    Lacy Roberts

    I love these videos so can you guys make a part 2 or even part 3

  • Christopher Low Gin Yao
    Christopher Low Gin Yao

    Is it me or does Tyler look military material,like I’m getting a Chris Kyle vibe from him a bit

  • BritRogowski


  • iman fk
    iman fk

    I play apex legend i level 249

  • Tony Pickar
    Tony Pickar

    👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 we want more

  • Mac Cheeser
    Mac Cheeser

    Sparky is the announcer in the quarantine classic if anyone watched that


    Part 3!!!!!! I'm waiting!!!¡

  • Shed Seekers
    Shed Seekers

    Where do you guys get the guns


    what is the background music

  • Sakeena Ali
    Sakeena Ali

    Bro bro ilove this please more number can🤗😀

  • welcome to the isaac channel!
    welcome to the isaac channel!

    I like fortnite better

  • The Terminator
    The Terminator

    Terminate Sparky. I wanted Gar to win.


    Nooooo not cody !!!

  • GamerTechGuy

    who else thinks sparky is panda. like if u agree

  • Amelia Coomber
    Amelia Coomber

    Game and I like the video real life I am so they have to 10 and 10.

  • Kevin Ramage
    Kevin Ramage

    No fair Cody has 5 balloons

  • Anas Hakim
    Anas Hakim


  • Tasin Azad
    Tasin Azad

    Can you make an Airsoft tarkov battle

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