Building my Cat an Outdoor House!
I hope you enjoy today's video :)
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  • Ryland Adams
    Ryland Adams

    who's been here since I used to do these type of week in my life videos? Hope you enjoy this more casual style vlog??

    • sun leo
      sun leo

      5 hunnett

    • sun leo
      sun leo

      had to comment so it hits 500

    • MrPetal92

      This has been the best part of my morning, now to get ready for work on this gloomy Saturday morning!

    • Fuzzy Friends
      Fuzzy Friends


    • Megan Simmons
      Megan Simmons

      I feel like I'm watching an old video but I know it's not! #sweetnostalgia

  • Ray Ray
    Ray Ray

    I think it just needs more connectors for the shelves so he can climb up because I doubt he's going to vault up the sides, u know?

  • Pastel Rainbows
    Pastel Rainbows

    Someone spelled VSCO wrong

  • Jasmine White
    Jasmine White

    The Cat backpack 🎒 is way too cramped for your Cat though .. 😿 I adore Cats, & your Cat is so adorable 💖🐱💕💕💕

  • Ya

    Me:*not attractive to gingers* *sees andrew*🤯😍

  • Fan Of me
    Fan Of me

    My cat would never get in the backpack. Cause of a few reasons. 1) *His too thicc he won’t fit* 2) *he won’t stop meowing* 3) *He would probably scratch me trying to put him in*

  • Bri Kinser
    Bri Kinser

    6:55 me @@ 4am knowing i have to wake up @7

  • Melissa Van Rooyen
    Melissa Van Rooyen

    I love it when people are good to their animals

  • The Daddies
    The Daddies

    Omg Andrew is so fucking nice it’s starting to make me mad. He makes me say owo

  • Presious P
    Presious P

    I love this

  • シ oh toucXn シ
    シ oh toucXn シ

    :000 he spelled vsco wrong sksksk sksksksksk and I oop

  • Presious P
    Presious P

    lol it’s kinda gated but the gate was wide open !!!

  • Jag The Kitten
    Jag The Kitten

    Ryland is so wholesome, I CANNOT. 💗

  • Sarah McGrath
    Sarah McGrath

    I'm too claustrophobic I'm stressed imagining what it would be like if I was in the backpack & feel claustrophobic despite not being in the backpack

  • Clarence Thread
    Clarence Thread

    I need Ryland to be my best friend

  • Wendy

    why dont you let cheedo outside?

    • crusty hole
      crusty hole

      because he went missing before and they r coyotes

  • MalibuSunrise

    I love Cheeto lol

  • Your Mum
    Your Mum

    “It took me 15 minutes to figure out how to change the drill head” *Me a 17 year old girl who knows how to change the drill head 🤣*

    • Hippie Aries
      Hippie Aries

      Your Mum good for you 👍

  • Heily ;3
    Heily ;3

    I didn’t like you being in there with him

  • emily baker
    emily baker

    You guys already had a cat backpack

  • mcka phili
    mcka phili

    The cat will get dizzy if you walk constantly...

  • Angel Winkler
    Angel Winkler

    Why isn't Cheeto allowed to roam outside!?! Do you think he may run?

    • Angel Winkler
      Angel Winkler

      @crusty hole ohhhhh not good🥺

    • crusty hole
      crusty hole

      they have coyotes there and he went missing one time

  • Edith Benson
    Edith Benson

    You can cut one of the back panels with scissors and line it up with a window that you just leave open and it’s a lot easier than a tunnel

  • Yana Shabrova
    Yana Shabrova

    It’s so sad that you got a new house

  • Sonya Yoffe
    Sonya Yoffe

    You should paint it white because that would look more aesthetically pleasing in the patio

  • Sonya Yoffe
    Sonya Yoffe

    Who remembers when Shane tested a similar cat bag but it had a window so cheeto could look out. Like if u remember... yes I am desperate for likes the most likes I ever got was 21 lol

  • Hey Hey It's Tay Tay
    Hey Hey It's Tay Tay

    Cheeto is literally the cat version of Shane 😂

  • Lo Blah
    Lo Blah

    I'm curious to see how long it'll take till that whole area is fenced, for cheeto, with hooman doors.

  • David Thomson
    David Thomson

    You know you can get cat leads and harnesses right? 😂

  • Sky Sky
    Sky Sky

    Shane is literally me when someone points a camera in my direction😂

  • WhereTheTacosAt ?
    WhereTheTacosAt ?

    My Grandma calls a fart a pop off, so whenever Ryland or anyone says, I just popped off or they popped off I think of them farting... then I’m like, ohhhhhhhhh. 😮😮😲😂 If u think this is funny: | | | | V

  • Splorp Me
    Splorp Me

    I want to be this happy sober

  • Bailey Black
    Bailey Black

    Didn't shane get a green cat backpack a long time ago???

  • Mel Desrosiers
    Mel Desrosiers

    Hahahah the cat thing reminds me of “You”

  • Leishla Martinez
    Leishla Martinez

    1like=1 prayer for shane 🙏;-;

  • Lia Dobec
    Lia Dobec

    Ryland is literally gods child, please protect him😁

  • XcaramelXmacchiatoX

    Shane's being such a mood but it also makes me mad whenever he says shit like " I'm fat and ugly" like ya fucking chocolate chip how much therapy,love and affection do you need until you realize how fucking beautiful and precious you are?????? Tbh I have no clue how ryland stays calm like I would be angwy and upset and just shower him with love like bitch how dare you

  • Meliza Aguilar
    Meliza Aguilar

    Please tell us how you got cheeto !!! Also have you look in to a pet psychic??? I would love to know what he is thinking?? Lol

  • tHe cAt oF mEmE
    tHe cAt oF mEmE

    want some of the cookies? cookie = 1like 🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪

    • Shane x Marvel
      Shane x Marvel

      𝓘 𝔀𝓲𝓵𝓵 𝓷𝓸𝓽 𝓫𝓮 𝓰𝓲𝓿𝓲𝓷𝓰 𝓾𝓸𝓾 𝓪 𝓵𝓲𝓴𝓮...𝓫𝓾𝓽 𝓲𝓵𝓵 𝓽𝓪𝓴𝓮 𝔂𝓱𝓮 𝓿𝓸𝓸𝓬𝓴𝓲𝓮𝓼

  • A Ziff
    A Ziff

    Better a fat cat than a flat cat! Try to keep him in, I worry! I'm like Shane I guess....and all those wild beasts you have outside cud get him. The wild animals. Just want him to be ok. Love you guys, hugs

  • Satisfying NATE
    Satisfying NATE

    Haters be hating on his cookies 🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪

  • Caitlin Hill
    Caitlin Hill

    Ryland should get another one and put that front side and connect it to the others back side to make a huge one

  • niraku321

    Just let him go outside. He's not a prisoner.

  • laura Phillips
    laura Phillips

    i love you and shane and your family morgan of course, your animals and Cheeto!! i have a orange tabby that is 22 years old and i love him so much and Cheeto is adorable ! i love watching you all !! xoxo

  • Xpecto_Patronum

    cheeto's face @ 11:59 is everything

  • Lilliana Freites
    Lilliana Freites

    Ryland should be on real house wives

  • Artist I am
    Artist I am

    hello 😄👋

  • Will Mahaffy
    Will Mahaffy

    I wish I got my cat this!

  • rosa vera
    rosa vera


  • V and V vlogs
    V and V vlogs

    9:46 yw

  • Keira Remus
    Keira Remus

    If anyone’s wondering probably not tho the song at the beginning is called literally my life

  • Sinful_bxtch

    O-o is cheeto moving out

  • Lindsay Florio
    Lindsay Florio

    Shane don’t worry I have Misophonia too

  • Marissa Vanukoff
    Marissa Vanukoff

    I know it's kinda late, and this thing I do with my dog does get tedious but came into routine - I close the doors of any rooms that have trash cans because when she gets anxious, she will get into them when left home alone. Maybe you could give it a try and I also hope you see this.

  • V1cky H
    V1cky H

    He should decorate the little roof thingy on their backyard and make like a outdoor dining spot

  • Kaile Vlogs
    Kaile Vlogs

    Shane: I’m fat and ugly Me: shut up I love you!!❤️

  • Dani Derpasaurus
    Dani Derpasaurus

    My cat is always trying to get outside but when I take her on a walk she instantly just lays down and rolls around and then tries to go back inside lmao

  • YoGo 3238
    YoGo 3238

    0:26 that picture is me in the bathroom when I have to poop

  • Call Me Peanut
    Call Me Peanut

    Some baking tips 1. Cut the butter to soften it and to make it easier to mix 2. Pack down the brown sugar for "better" cookies 3. Hand mix in extra ingredients (chocolate chips, etc) 4. Use parchment paper for cookie sheets for easy clean-up 5. Use cooling racks for cookies to let them cool faster 6. do NOT poke a toothpick in brownies, or cookies. Only cake and some brownie recipes 7. If possible use fresh ingredients (Not canned items) Using actual pumpkin would make the cookies softer and squishy That's it let me know if there are any more!

  • Deanna Hodak
    Deanna Hodak

    I flew from Pennsylvania to LA and have major anxiety, I'm also a crazy cat lady. Spirit airlines is kind of miserable. But as I was walking on a dude had a cat in one of these back packs. Instant comfort haha