Fortnite Myth Chasers | Episode 2 (Chapter 2 Season 1)
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Pro Tip #96 - Dont eat yellow snow!

  • PlayStationGrenade

    Thanks for watching! If you have a myth (silly or serious) please let me know! Upvote your favourites in the comments. BTW a new ‘myth chaser’ rank is now available on our discord.

    • Skylar Pennington
      Skylar Pennington

      I love your vids

    • Ioan Kehoe
      Ioan Kehoe

      Can you dolphin dive into a big bush

    • Barry Willis
      Barry Willis

      If you are looking for a fortnight girlfriend dance in front of retail row

    • furiouslayer 101
      furiouslayer 101

      myth:what happens if two people harpoon you atthe same time

    • furiouslayer 101
      furiouslayer 101

      myth:you can hook items with a harpoon gun

  • Xconbaconblast44


  • jamel conklin
    jamel conklin

    Myth=Can You Rocket Ride 2 People at the same time and rocket Ride the person shooting it ?

  • Tuxcow

    Can lots of people fish from the same workpool

  • Freddie Janes
    Freddie Janes

    Can you stop at a rocket with a rusty can

  • Kunal K
    Kunal K

    Myth: We all know that walking through a bush allows you to negate fall damage once, Does the same go for rocket riding?

  • Mega Batchris Batman
    Mega Batchris Batman

    Myth you can friend a bot

  • Its Rico
    Its Rico

    Myth can you rocket ride on a rusty can?

  • charmaine lamb
    charmaine lamb

    How many people can rocket ride on the same rocket

  • Paulena McMillan
    Paulena McMillan

    can you survive a rocket Launcher

  • random uploads
    random uploads

    Summer bomber be thick give her some respect!

  • Scott Matsen
    Scott Matsen

    myth wut happens if you hit someones hand during the high 5 emote if it a headshot or normal damage


    Lol My son and I watched a Supply Drop land at the top of a Flag Pole !!

  • A wild apricot
    A wild apricot


  • Bacon Boi
    Bacon Boi

    Myth: Can the new hiding spot (Portaloos) make you take no fall damage like the hay bail and trash can?

  • arda turegun
    arda turegun

    Can zombies rocket ride

  • Dark Dragon
    Dark Dragon

    Myth:Jump off a high place and then hide in a hide out before you hit the ground Will it remove fall damage?

  • spagetti lover
    spagetti lover

    And my player name if fedff502

  • spagetti lover
    spagetti lover

    Can you shoot down rockets?

  • Insider gamer Game
    Insider gamer Game

    Play station:hold my beer :me ok :also me drinks all of it >:)

  • Abyder


  • Ryker Sparkman
    Ryker Sparkman

    can you make a boat fly off a waterfall by boosting it as soon as you get to the end of the waterfall

  • Lance Lococo
    Lance Lococo

    Is it possible to go under water with your boat

  • Mudkiperton

    Myth, can you get your Minecraft girlfriend to play fortnite

  • yeet

    Can you play "catch" with a player by yeeting

  • Dank Bio
    Dank Bio

    Myth: Can you yeet someone off yeet mountain and someone else catch them?

  • GhostdogeWoW

    Xbox is BETTER

  • rilmitlam 23
    rilmitlam 23

    Myth: What happens if u stack chests on top of each other and break the bottom one

  • Lucy Monsale
    Lucy Monsale

    Myth:can you glitch the storm king?

  • Jacob Hall
    Jacob Hall

    Rrl a. Zonby in createv

  • Xenon

    If you throw a downed player from a certain height into a boot will he die or survive?

  • Menames Dan
    Menames Dan

    The last time I saw someone rocket ride that well was [REDACTED]”

  • isai martinez
    isai martinez


  • isai martinez
    isai martinez

    Bet adamaru said clap them cheeks

  • Aly'zjah Rippy
    Aly'zjah Rippy

    Can u rocket ride a boat

  • hala kay
    hala kay

    Myth:how far can you go while swimming of the map???

  • Brandon Clarich
    Brandon Clarich

    You can’t carry a downed teammate in water, not sure if you covered that one.

  • Catman

    I think that vault door will reveal save the world finally becoming free

  • JT S.
    JT S.

    What happens if a RPG hits u in a bush

  • The_blizzard_king A
    The_blizzard_king A

    I use your colon