Giant Sumo Battle | Dude Perfect
Dude Perfect
It's time for a GIANT sumo battle!
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  • oof squad 101
    oof squad 101


  • Glody Mbombo
    Glody Mbombo

    Vote for coby

  • Cohen MYERS
    Cohen MYERS

    Team coby all the way

  • Marwin Lertviriyasak
    Marwin Lertviriyasak

    Congrats Coby

  • Grant and Jordan Zaitz
    Grant and Jordan Zaitz


  • Natalie Lim
    Natalie Lim

    Coby Coby Coby Coby Coby!

  • Scartheslayer 1
    Scartheslayer 1

    My boi had a whole parade

  • SFM Diamond
    SFM Diamond

    Congrats coby

  • Aaron B
    Aaron B

    this was a monumental day for coby

  • Michael Jonas
    Michael Jonas

    I stook with you Cob's and now you won

  • Colton Jones
    Colton Jones

    Go coby

  • Sarah H
    Sarah H

    cobe cobe cobe! Yay

  • Sam Geter
    Sam Geter

    Dude perfect

  • Suzie Mulroney
    Suzie Mulroney

    I can’t believe coby got his first win ever

  • bekki renton
    bekki renton

    Coby coby

  • Gideon McCue
    Gideon McCue

    TEAM COBY!!!!

  • Hugo & Peanut
    Hugo & Peanut

    Well done Coby

  • Jacob VanDuinen
    Jacob VanDuinen



    Coby Cotton everybody!!

  • Karolina Kwaśniak
    Karolina Kwaśniak

    Well done Coby!!!!

  • Jack Puhar
    Jack Puhar

    team coby all the way

  • SamCamBro TV
    SamCamBro TV

    You don’t even realise that Tyler’s got a backwards hat

  • AMIT B
    AMIT B

    Congratulations coby

  • Gamer Trickster
    Gamer Trickster

    who saw josh horton?

  • akhish aj
    akhish aj

    guyzz have anyone noticed the emotion of Cody at 4.53

  • Scott Morgan
    Scott Morgan

    come on coby

  • Porter9 Porter9
    Porter9 Porter9

    great job coby

  • The McDonald's
    The McDonald's

    way to go coby!!!!!!

  • Ayobami Idowu
    Ayobami Idowu

    coby coby coby co

  • Omar Lotayef
    Omar Lotayef


  • Chelsea Warner
    Chelsea Warner


  • Snake Eye
    Snake Eye

    In the first time in fever

  • Naveen Joseph
    Naveen Joseph

    isnt this everykids dream

  • Robin Salingre
    Robin Salingre

    Team coooooooooobyyyyyu!!!!!!!!!

  • Keith Irvin Purqued
    Keith Irvin Purqued

    Wwwwwwwwwhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatttttttttteeeeeeeeeee collins key You do like dude perfect

  • Faiqa Raahid
    Faiqa Raahid

    This video is so cool

  • Jason Montgomery
    Jason Montgomery

    One like equals one battle Coby will win

  • Ibrahim Rashad
    Ibrahim Rashad


  • killer_014 37
    killer_014 37

    Team coby 4 life

  • Sasha Stratton
    Sasha Stratton

    You are the best I love you guys

  • Cooper Wahl
    Cooper Wahl


  • Myles Terpstra
    Myles Terpstra

    All ways with you coby

  • Cameron Bolender
    Cameron Bolender

    Nice win Coby

  • Matt Hirsch
    Matt Hirsch

    CO-BY! CO-BY! CO-BY!

  • Harsha Shah
    Harsha Shah

    Go Coby ! You can do it

  • Caleb Jeffery
    Caleb Jeffery

    i saw Josh horton

  • maggi henry
    maggi henry

    Coby cheated in the first round like if you saw it

  • Nuzha Razia
    Nuzha Razia

    Let's go coby

  • Stephanie Johnson
    Stephanie Johnson


  • mary propst
    mary propst

    I Am team Coby

  • mary propst
    mary propst

    coby won the first time

  • Tathari Yadagiri
    Tathari Yadagiri

    My favorite character is coby

  • RavenTheCrow


  • Jaydus Yang
    Jaydus Yang

    I knew Kobe could did it because I was on team Kobe

  • YoBoy_Hotd0gツ

    When coby wins his first chalange COBY COBY COBY COBY when chandler wins his first challenge oh yeah here’s some money

  • Maris Hernandez
    Maris Hernandez

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="210">3:30</a> Rip Garrett he thought he would win Coby on the other hand pulled Garrett away lol my fav part of the vid hahaha

    • Maris Hernandez
      Maris Hernandez

      @Nolan Swanson thanks dood!

    • Nolan Swanson
      Nolan Swanson


  • Alisha Krishanthan
    Alisha Krishanthan

    Garrett got that high iq

  • Cullen Ormon
    Cullen Ormon

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="175">2:55</a> Me: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA HIS FEET HAHAHAHA

  • Presley Andrews
    Presley Andrews

    This is sooooo funny

  • Connor Feezel
    Connor Feezel

    Coby sounds like Kobe. Hearing everyone hearing cheer Kobe is amazing

  • Baller 3
    Baller 3

    Team Coby all the way like if your on team Coby

  • miggy calahi
    miggy calahi

    they dhould make chandler and coby vs each other. whos in 2020

  • Lauren Mensch
    Lauren Mensch

    go coby defeat garett

  • Lauren Mensch
    Lauren Mensch

    coby coby

  • Fafa1526 World
    Fafa1526 World

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="117">1:57</a>, How to cheat in a climbing race.

  • Hampton Avery
    Hampton Avery


  • Pikachu 1000
    Pikachu 1000

    Who's better like if cobe is better CommentChandler is better

  • Ask Me
    Ask Me

    Team Coby

  • Prod. Bray Boy
    Prod. Bray Boy

    I love dude perfect

  • Gurtio980 The Gamer
    Gurtio980 The Gamer

    Coby Definition: Pull Gar behind you and win your first battle



  • Ksenia _ drug
    Ksenia _ drug

    самый прикольный канал в мире просто класс кто не верит тому в глаз

  • Syana Sarnaik
    Syana Sarnaik

    Congratulations coby on your first win ever

  • zeemal touseef
    zeemal touseef

    Congratulations coby

  • Zildjian Dela Cruz
    Zildjian Dela Cruz

    I like how Garrett outsmarted the climbing match and then got outsmarted by Coby pulling him down the climbing part of the finale *irony at its finest*

  • Nitin Chawla
    Nitin Chawla

    garret cheated i love dude perfect the best

  • RyanJambori

    really? coby's first win ever? but i liked him if u want to like coby cotton celebrate him lol! hahaha joke.

  • anders marco
    anders marco

    coby is like chandler from mr beast each of them only won 1 battle

  • Aileen Calunsag
    Aileen Calunsag

    Coby team

  • Aileen Calunsag
    Aileen Calunsag

    Coby win will wow