How many Chrome tabs can you open with 2TB RAM?
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  • Amaterasu

    Why did I watch this and how is this information going to help me

  • Lorenzo Tds
    Lorenzo Tds

    try with linux and firefox

  • Mundane Astronaut
    Mundane Astronaut

    This is what it’s like to use my pc except it take 45 seconds to right click unless in a game but games run slow

  • Splinter 6662
    Splinter 6662

    my mom's old laptop freezes at 12 tabs


    No one- Computer experts- *touch screen and leave fingertips mark*

  • Mudrik

    His ram size is bigger than my hard drive

  • Marek Šimík
    Marek Šimík

    i will be happy with 128gb and u have 2tb 0_0

  • martin ignacio flores donoso
    martin ignacio flores donoso

    linus: "a single stick of this ram has more capacity than your entire system" an apple lover with money: u lying piece of sh*t

  • Kenryuu-oniichan

    "Three, take it or leave it."

  • Refined_Turbo

    Chrome has hardware acceleration enabled by default so, Inaccurate test LeL as you ran out of GPU ram before system ram

  • Person.

    My laptop has 2GB ram Linus: *2TB ram*

  • Freddy on the long Trail
    Freddy on the long Trail

    Linus the Cyberman how cool is that

  • Alan

    As I suspected, Chrome not only eat my ram but other resources too, including internet bandwidth, Cpu cycle and probably tons of others. I have extremely fast internet but 50 tabs of chrome can make loading a youtube video automatically turn to lower resolution. (32gb of ram).

  • Alan

    Terrible Linked profile ---> okay brandon seems like he is sticking around. LOL

  • jatin raj
    jatin raj

    Here , I am using 2GB ram 🙄

  • Salifrt Salifrt
    Salifrt Salifrt

    Lol, I have used a 3TB ram server linus....

  • HappenedShelfYT

    Me over here with 8 gb of ram also me having less storage than his ram

  • gavinsimmons1

    Chrome:YUMMMMMMM After... Chrome:I Feel Bad

  • Mathis Grisel
    Mathis Grisel


  • That Indonesian Editor
    That Indonesian Editor

    So the stick of RAM is 6TB? That is just cool! And it has more capacity than my system!

  • Acruz

    11:46 well now you now how i feel all the day...

  • HPMuwa

    Мало вставок с экрана, надоел этот кривляющийся человек. Я за цифрами сюда пришёл

  • Diego Alejandro Lazcano Silva
    Diego Alejandro Lazcano Silva

    I can’t wait till we get this much ram on the iPhone 45

  • Carlos Arce
    Carlos Arce


  • GD Bop
    GD Bop

    My Siri activated

  • Epsilon the Baka
    Epsilon the Baka

    I want 2 tb of ram

  • Wattzfopowerman

    Ya but like how much do I need to deditate for my minecraft server?

  • gilbert iniguez
    gilbert iniguez

    Linus, I have a question do you believe that hardware have fully surpassed software? Have humanity maxed out our capacity to write code that can match toe to toe with todays hardware?

  • Dhruv Singh
    Dhruv Singh

    get me a new pc pls

  • Mc Quinoa
    Mc Quinoa

    So how many tabs did he get up to till it was unusable?

  • Micah K
    Micah K

    I have a small feeling that all income from LTT Store goes to internet usage

  • wizardhax 121
    wizardhax 121

    oh yea time to get 2 mllion fps in minecraft

  • Polymathic Perturbations
    Polymathic Perturbations

    This does not prove anything. The system runs low on ram and it starts to swap with drive space. Unless you account for all of that, it's not really making any point or statement.

  • deathmire11

    6000 chrome tabs = 200gb RAM 11:00 11:00 11:00 11:00 11:00 11:00

  • Xiaobao Liu
    Xiaobao Liu

    This video should be titled *How much RAM can chrome take*

  • alexitq

    I'm thinking of upgrading my RAM and found this great piece of consumer advice. No need to get more than 200GB of RAM for web browsing.

  • Alexis Pagé
    Alexis Pagé

    One timei try to do the same thing but on a school computer but the teatcher catch me because i was clicing to ard on my mous and my screen was clase😂

  • Some High Voltage Channel
    Some High Voltage Channel

    Connecting just 1 of those sticks to a graphing calculator would literally multiply its memory by 1000x


    This is some dumb shit but i'm all in.

  • Xiaobao Liu
    Xiaobao Liu


  • Kevin de Groot
    Kevin de Groot

    Chrome after 6.000 opened tabs:

  • Gaming Test
    Gaming Test

    my old laptop have 2gb of ram and today 32gb still not enough

  • itirican 11
    itirican 11

    Linus: "One whole stick of this ram is more than your system" Me: "Boi i got 8X 16 gb ram sticks there by g.skill dont get started wit me"

  • Tiago Lima
    Tiago Lima

    "As advertised on the video title" Wait, that's not click bait!? I feel click baited

  • The FBI
    The FBI

    my man really be out here packing more RAM than my storage. HOW THE F-

  • Pablo Alfaro
    Pablo Alfaro

    Why not just create a python script to loop through an open tab function

  • Subscribe or I will eat your cookies
    Subscribe or I will eat your cookies

    Normal People: uses HDD to store files Linus: *uses RAM to store files*

  • BananaYolk

    7:53 listen to the background sound, like if you csn recognise it.

  • whoopsie321

    My girlfriend always has a million tabs open and it triggers me

  • Memes n Shet
    Memes n Shet

    The title should’ve been: *how to have a decent Chrome experience*

  • Shane G
    Shane G

    I love lamp

  • Vrabiescu Daniel
    Vrabiescu Daniel

    I don't need sleep I need answers

  • Tristanlee

    Imagine Minecraft with this.

  • Feather S.
    Feather S.

    Probably one.

  • dillydoo rouse
    dillydoo rouse

    do you like IMac better than windows 10?

  • Matt

    Geeky ass

  • R0bl0x Ian
    R0bl0x Ian

    Next video : install windows on 1 tb of ram

  • Alan Przybyło
    Alan Przybyło

    I know why there 1% CPU/0% CPU. Beacuse i got like that too, And i looking and then its go down

  • Nouman Khan
    Nouman Khan

    11:58 I don't think it's the architectural limit for OS or chrome. It's more like CPU's registers and caches are chocking.