I AM LEGEND 2 [HD] Trailer (2020) Will Smith [Fan Made]
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13 years have passed since the virus that wiped the world. Robert Neville (Will Smith) and Anna (Alice Braga) becomes a world known heroes that brought the cure. Suddenly a sudden outbreak hits the city of South Korea. Eventually Robert and Anna later learns that this virus was twice deadly than before.
►Fan Cast:
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Hey guys I would like to make it clear that this is a fan made trailer. Sadly this trailer is not REAL. That means it contains clips from other movies, put together with special effects using Wondershare Filmora video editor and Pizap photo editor.

The purpose of my videos is to bring dream movies to life. If you are looking for a real trailer sorry this is not for you. As stated in the beginning I created this for ENTERTAINMENT and the FANS of the movie.

Creating this video take days to produce and publish. I do lots of research and takes a lot of time. The thumbnails and posters you see are originally created by me. (Follow me on twitter @Macamtvofficial to get more details of my work.)

Originally Will Smith said 6 Billion people in the world. Since this movie was created in 2007 now 2019 there is 7 billion so I looked for interviews when he said seven and just edited it.

I wanted to make this trailer similar to the trailer of the original movie. Which means I used the same style of font for the wordings. I also used some original segment like "God didn't do this, we did"

The process of creating this fan made trailer I had to re search different types of movie that contains these kinds of scenes, apocalyptic, original cast and zombies.

Some wordings in the trailer also was similar to the original movie trailer. Instead of using "I Am" all the time, I used "I was" referring to the previews movie. For example "I was a survivor" and "I was the only human being on earth". But then I used "I am" to make it fit with the title and create an impact title sequence.

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Special Thanks to:

►Footage Used:
Video Credits | City of God | Queen of the South | How It Ends | The Dead Don't Die | The Cured | Max | I Am Legend | Fire Inferno Background by Channel Art Background | Gemini Man | Bright | Flu
► Music Credit:
Music Credit | Beauty of My Dreams by Royalty Free Zone - No Copyright Music | Alxd - Return uploaded by MFY - No Copyright Music
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  • Shannon Chenall
    Shannon Chenall

    I’m high asf watching this and this is really badass looks good imagine if it was real


      your comment made it come true

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      Corona virus

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      Debra Shute

      Kind of Getting there.....

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      kyman65 Keith

      It is!

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      jason landon

      Hope you all saved some weed for the next 4 weeks 😂

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    Idk how will my dad react when i tell him this isnt a real trailer

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    Destroyer MERT

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    Gladwin Maphuti

    This ain't trailer. It's a lot of bullshit clips combined

  • Tere Ovejero
    Tere Ovejero

    why a second movie?

  • orwell

    Will Smith can't be in this because he killed himself in the first one!!

    • Iron Prejudice
      Iron Prejudice

      @Zooie Ganja he had a nade in his hand

    • Zooie Ganja
      Zooie Ganja

      And maybe what if he survived that some how. Lol idk. It would be cool either way.

    • Iron Prejudice
      Iron Prejudice

      Maybe it can take after the book and the alternate ending


    Iska Hindi movies

  • Zane Ali
    Zane Ali

    Coronavirus are invisible zombies and the world is heading that way in reality. We all should learn from Will Smith be strong and smart to survive now

  • Prime dicas
    Prime dicas

    Qual o nome desses filmes? Alguem sabê?

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    P G Tecnologia

    Onde eu faço o download deste filme? Só pelo trayler, já vi que é mais um grande filme estrelando o smith.

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    SyidZa Official Partner

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    Luis De la cruz

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    This is now our reality ☹️

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    Yayu Lyn

    I am sure there will be a movie Covid 19 n ccp.

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    Yayu Lyn

    Movie became reality

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    San Remo Sky Life

    Sizi bilmirəm birincisidə ikincisidə çox gözəl filmdi bravo @will smith

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    Irina Lowers

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    Shen Gaoren

    Why the fucc do i think about those zombies are the people that gets corona virus Wtf is wrong with me

  • Dixons Institute
    Dixons Institute

    Neville died by blowing his self up but how came he is alive

    • Ahmed Suhbi
      Ahmed Suhbi

      There is an alternative ending dummy

    • Scott Hadler
      Scott Hadler

      There was an alternative ending

  • Yuniel Román Marín
    Yuniel Román Marín

    Cuando tengas el trailer subelo

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    Emil Tv

    Podobne czasy do naszych :) wirusy,zamieszki i wojny...hmm czyżby filmy przewidywały przyszłość?

  • Chardkory?Chcesz mieć w życiu weź pomyśl! !
    Chardkory?Chcesz mieć w życiu weź pomyśl! !

    This is now coronavirus, mutagen hahahah

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    Oğuz Han Arslan

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    junior prieto

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  • Meyke Warongan
    Meyke Warongan

    Oh this is fusion of Korean movie named "the flu" and i am legend

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      yes,, scens fro the movie the flu of 2013

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    Jose Martinez

    Colocaron escenas de la pelicula proyecto genesis min <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="80">1:20</a>

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      Andrei Puscasu

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      Flavy Angiu

      @Andrei Puscasu are you roumainian?

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      Andrei Puscasu

      @Flavy Angiu that only a fan made trailer

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    Whizzy Rabbit

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    Alan Nugraha

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      Dumitru Ionut

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      Mary Joy Capuz

      There was an alternate ending

  • Bad Kermit
    Bad Kermit

    coronavirus made watch this movie and it also made me look for the second part of this movie

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    xXIts_ JaydenXx

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    stolen from the movie "The FLU"

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