Logan Paul - GOING BROKE (Antonio Brown Diss Track)
I’d still drop you faster than the patriots
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I’m a 24 year old manchild living in Los Angeles. This is my life.
Edited by @HHillierSmith
Co-directed by Juliana Accettone

  • cody staes
    cody staes

    I didn't like Logan but he did come back and this diss track was really good but I never would have seen it if jj didn't make a video on it

  • W.D. Bryan
    W.D. Bryan

    Logan: *makes a good song* 70% of the people: iM nOt A FaN bUt tHiS iS fIr3 Just admit it your becoming a fan

  • Kevin Lee
    Kevin Lee

    This song is FIREE Say what you want but ITS FAX

  • Hussein Hoballah
    Hussein Hoballah

    He did not try on KSI at all

  • iRepptar

    One random person who likes this will be given good luck and become and millionaire this year

  • Jayden Plays Football
    Jayden Plays Football

    Deestroying did NOT LIE!!... this is fire 🔥

  • WDP Micai
    WDP Micai

    I going to play song this when I beat this kid up

  • Joel Anthony
    Joel Anthony

    sometimes you came back stronger after a knockdown

  • IronAJ

    I like joe weller and Logan after they fought jj but I don’t think I can ever like Jake even after jj bears him

  • Allen Whittington
    Allen Whittington

    ab is a clown ab get the fuck off youtube

  • Comment Destroyer
    Comment Destroyer

    Logan finally made an actual good disstrack but his opponent went insane. Well shit

  • gangsnaper1093 Rivera
    gangsnaper1093 Rivera

    Me:*looks at diss track*dance Nobody: Me:*puts song on my playlist* Everyone:what have you done

  • Stephen_

    I'm starting to like you again.

  • jahaziel Gonzalez
    jahaziel Gonzalez

    Lowkey this song never stops getting old

  • Nic Moc
    Nic Moc

    Logan is king🖤

  • Aidan Sheets
    Aidan Sheets


  • HYP3 LukasPlayz
    HYP3 LukasPlayz

    Bruh I use to hate you but u changed bruh fire 🔥❌🧢

  • The Youtube bros
    The Youtube bros

    I'm gonna laugh when Logan goes up to the ring on the day of the fight singing this song🔥🔥

  • Ramiro Torres
    Ramiro Torres

    Just sayin if Ab knows he is gonna beat Logan then he would have already takin the fight.... just sayin ( ps. AB if u reading dis get the hell off YT )

  • MrXTRocky

    Ok I feel this 🔥🔥🔥

  • Malaak Chanel
    Malaak Chanel

    Bro the dis is littt I repeat it more than 10 times😂😂

  • Pang Ahlan
    Pang Ahlan

    Come on you can practise and f**k AB bitch him and f**k him

  • NoTiC_MiNiON 510
    NoTiC_MiNiON 510

    Fuck it you win I'm subbed

  • Lonna Gilbert
    Lonna Gilbert

    This is fire 🔥

  • FaZeMain 6738
    FaZeMain 6738

    Can't stop listening to this


    I am a ksi fan but Logan Paul is just pure fire

  • Nisa Vlogs
    Nisa Vlogs

    This is a fire song/diss track!

  • MYST Jailbreak
    MYST Jailbreak

    One of the best song u made

  • Hiram Ramirez
    Hiram Ramirez

    10 out of 10 seriously bro i just have no words honest of this song

  • That One Hater
    That One Hater

    this shit sucks

  • purujit :-
    purujit :-


  • Hiram Ramirez
    Hiram Ramirez

    Bro I just listened to the song again and the song is 🔥🔥

  • NOGOUM 50 HD
    NOGOUM 50 HD


  • rousfox

    Who’s watching this again after ab-running got released on worldstar

  • Ghosty Mido
    Ghosty Mido

    Me:Wait were is ab Logan: done for

  • Ghosty Mido
    Ghosty Mido

    Logan is spitin bars

  • Hannes 04
    Hannes 04

    nobody is harder than you but jj

  • Bushra Shoaib
    Bushra Shoaib

    who else sees a good comment and wishes i wish i would have written that

  • L-Beatz


  • GST Monkey
    GST Monkey

    Don’t like Logan Paul this song is good so I’ll give it that

  • Thanh Tran
    Thanh Tran

    One time I went to a game shop and I saw Antonio brown on a ps4 disc

  • Blitz2oP

    Put this on 1.5 speed

  • Coco Pops
    Coco Pops

    The only reason why people dislike this vid is because they don't like to see Logan succeeding and they hiding that they actually like this

  • Andrew Mejes
    Andrew Mejes

    Is it me or does the guitar on the beat remind me of Kodak Black's song "Tunnel Vision"?

  • Pat Mulheron
    Pat Mulheron

    I gotta give respect where it’s due as Logan has come back from a huge L and comes out with this as a comeback

  • Wreckzy

    My nipple is bigger than Antonio Brown’s dick

  • Ryder Warner-Masters
    Ryder Warner-Masters

    This and the diss ft JJ are my favourite

  • Nan Dad
    Nan Dad

    Logan took an L from JJ. But he got back up. That’s what he does. Deserve creds for that. Lit song , seems he got more humble , not like his clown brother . Tbh.. Logan would smack ab

  • Booty Cheese
    Booty Cheese

    This actually hard

  • Lydia Oprandy
    Lydia Oprandy

    ok love the song but don’t bring one direction into this brodie

  • Hamad Hadi
    Hamad Hadi

    Im not going to lie, i used to hate the kid but this song is fire......

  • Lightning lee Code
    Lightning lee Code

    This is awesome

  • kryptxc

    F in the chat for AB

  • A.K.M Golam Kibria
    A.K.M Golam Kibria

    Best song of 2020 so far

  • senni bgon
    senni bgon

    Logan: makes a good song Me: Wait, that’s illegal

    • Zack wrld
      Zack wrld

      Me fighting you 0:25 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • sahal ahmed
      sahal ahmed

      I said 2:32

    • sahal ahmed
      sahal ahmed

      senni bgon 1:203

    • Iwo Wkwow
      Iwo Wkwow

      You copied this comment

  • Mzr gravity
    Mzr gravity

    I used to say ksi would win but now Logan with take the win 100%

  • Soy Boy
    Soy Boy

    Bro Antonio I'd going to beat your ass

  • Bubsy Webb
    Bubsy Webb

    I mean damn

    • senni bgon
      senni bgon

      L.p going hard 😎

  • Black Kool Kid Kool Aids
    Black Kool Kid Kool Aids

    We all know Logan Oaul is a better fighter and gonna end up ending his career

  • Vipex

    “You weren’t Supposed to do that”