NBA Playoffs 2019: Best Moments To Remember
Best dunks, blocks, assists, steals and clutch moments from the 2019 NBA Playoffs.

Congrats to the Toronto Raptors
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Citizen Cope - Let The Drummer Kick It
Fort Minor - Remember The Name
C.I.U. - Put It On The Line
NBA - In The Zone
Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - Wings
B.o.B - Don't Let Me Fall

  • Frankie G
    Frankie G

    Well, I was looking forward to making the 2020 NBA Playoffs best moments to remember....

    • YH Lo
      YH Lo

      Just blame the CCP

    • Jonathan Diel
      Jonathan Diel

      Fucking china

    • Loyd Batario
      Loyd Batario

      You've got plenty of year, my G, just stay safe for now.

    • Richard Akinnehin
      Richard Akinnehin

      Right 🤦🏾‍♂️

    • Alex Wayzers
      Alex Wayzers

      Now what do we do this year?

  • Fahd Alajmi
    Fahd Alajmi

    I wish gianis had a better team

  • DreToo Dope
    DreToo Dope

    It took giannis 4 steps to get from half court to the rim and dunk it 🤯🤯 like what!!?

  • Will Guo
    Will Guo

    i need to see that wave goodbye.

    • Frankie G
      Frankie G


  • Titlebreaker

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="178">2:58</a> What did Thon Maker do to deserve this

    • Hector Andem
      Hector Andem

      Thon Maker: _exists_ ⚰

  • Kevin Vasquez
    Kevin Vasquez

    Whos the name of the song in the firs minutes of the video

    • Frankie G
      Frankie G

      Citizen Cope - Let The Drummer Kick It

  • Mauricio Montiel
    Mauricio Montiel

    Name of song at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="275">4:35</a>?

    • Frankie G
      Frankie G

      Fort Minor - Remember The Name

  • ItsGeraaHD

    kyle lowry underrated

  • 권혁진

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1800">30:00</a>

  • zuzoomonster

    I luv the background music

  • Lil Grae
    Lil Grae

    Lmao I feel like Kawhi just dunks on people when he wants

  • Jenniejoy Cuevas
    Jenniejoy Cuevas

    The thumbnail though hahahsh

  • Moses Nattawuttisit
    Moses Nattawuttisit

    look at curry man

  • SC - Sports Compilations
    SC - Sports Compilations

    Toronto bearing the Warriors was the best thing that happened to basketball in the last few years

  • Angelo

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1691">28:11</a> the only highlight of Jeremy Lin I saw.

  • Teddy Takele
    Teddy Takele

    Only ogs remember the original finnik neil

    • Frankie G
      Frankie G

      I'm carrying on his legacy

  • Niko Santos
    Niko Santos

    did you just used fort minor?! it feels like nba live 06 right now

    • Frankie G
      Frankie G

      Why not play the hits

  • Skippy 4077
    Skippy 4077

    And thats how linsanity got his ring , he deserved some recognition after the way he was assholed from New York (thank has been Carmello)

  • Jdog #1
    Jdog #1

    I’m here cryin cause there’s going to be no playoffs this year, it’s too tough to watch!

    • Frankie G
      Frankie G

      I know it’s sad man, but know that basketball will return. I don’t know when that will be, but it will come back

  • Jeremy Subasic
    Jeremy Subasic

    Lowery was a monster in the assist game for Toronto in this playoff series man. Epic dishes from him the whole time

  • HRBManny

    I miss basketball

    • Frankie G
      Frankie G

      we all miss it man

  • Abayomi Okunlola
    Abayomi Okunlola

    watching this makes me think of what this years playoffs would have been

    • Frankie G
      Frankie G

      would have been great. what a shame

  • Lets Build That App
    Lets Build That App

    A shame that we wont get to see this in 2020

    • Frankie G
      Frankie G

      Really disappointing

  • Sphrex

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="78">1:18</a> andembokunbo 😂😂😂

  • Oh yeah yeah
    Oh yeah yeah

    I cant look at Murray anymore

  • Davon Jackson
    Davon Jackson

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1080">18:00</a> Reporter-How does it feel to get completely destroyed by the Greek freak Kawhi- it's alright I got something for him next game <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1155">19:15</a>

  • Fran Toimil
    Fran Toimil


  • Mitch_13

    It's actually crazy how much of an impact KD makes. Without him, Toronto clearly the best team in the league that year. With KD, Warriors weren't getting touched. Crazy to think about.

  • Dee double u
    Dee double u

    Everybody always talks about Lebron James basketball IQ and how he knows the floor .. I agree but don't sleep on Ben Simmons his floor IQ is up there with James to me

  • The SLB
    The SLB

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="313">5:13</a> A L L T H A T S A U C E

  • Sandro Doulis
    Sandro Doulis

    Such a good video

    • Frankie G
      Frankie G


  • Eli W
    Eli W

    I really miss the NBA man

    • Frankie G
      Frankie G

      me too man

  • taylan demir
    taylan demir

    a playoff without king ı never thought this thing happen

    • Frankie G
      Frankie G

      We might get that this year. Not just no LeBron, but no playoffs

  • Kingsley Walters
    Kingsley Walters

    What is the song ?

    • Frankie G
      Frankie G

      The songs are in the description

  • Henry 717
    Henry 717

    I like the 2019 clippers more than the 2020 clippers. Last year they were the loveable loser, in 2020 they where the juggernaut

    • Frankie G
      Frankie G

      it is sad that they might not be able to compete for a championship

  • blue_pearl_22

    Wait why aren't there any scenes of LeBro... oh right, it says "Playoffs" LOL

  • TheModer8ter

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  • NBA & MLB Hotspot
    NBA & MLB Hotspot

    As a bucks fan I really think we can win the title this year. So I hope they play the playoffs in the summer.

    • NBA & MLB Hotspot
      NBA & MLB Hotspot

      @Frankie G That is what I would hope

    • Frankie G
      Frankie G

      Sorry, hope the playoffs start sooner rather than never. If they don't play it, they should give them the title cause they have the best record. Stay safe

  • Maiya Quinn Gabriel Benedicto
    Maiya Quinn Gabriel Benedicto

    Man the championship parade for the raptors last summer was bananas.. literally everyone in the city came out for it and flooded the streets of Toronto. It’s so sad to think that the same streets are so barren now. I miss basketball. Hopefully this will all end soon and normal life returns.

    • Frankie G
      Frankie G

      I'm with you. stay safe

  • Konrad

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="444">7:24</a> the most remembered moment from playoffs 2019

  • Alan


  • YELLOW_ head
    YELLOW_ head

    the music that u picked for this vid sucks!:(

    • Frankie G
      Frankie G

      sorry. people like it for some reason

  • lKassio

    Lets hope we have as good of playoffs this year... oh wait never mind

    • Frankie G
      Frankie G

      too soon

  • Sean Gahan
    Sean Gahan

    If curry would just quit flopping man I'd like him so much more. Fuckin premier league basketball

  • Rubén Salvador Pobes
    Rubén Salvador Pobes


    • Frankie G
      Frankie G

      Glad you liked it

  • Zach Zimmerman
    Zach Zimmerman

    lebron just gives me goosebumps man, dude is the greatest, period.

  • Bobling

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="403">6:43</a> the defenders face

  • Josh Park
    Josh Park

    This video didn’t age well

    • Josh Park
      Josh Park

      Frankie G one last request could you make me top comment hahahahahaha, I could comment something else for you to pin maybe??

    • Josh Park
      Josh Park

      Frankie G 🙏🙏🙏 you too man these are tough times

    • Frankie G
      Frankie G

      That’s fair. I don’t think of this video as a hype for next year’s, but this video has received an uptick in views the last week, so I guess I’m in the minority. I know you weren’t insulting me, I was just trying to understand your point. I also am devastated by what has happen with this year playoffs. Here’s hoping it takes place sooner rather than never. Glad you liked the video. Stay safe

    • Josh Park
      Josh Park

      Frankie G I’m not insulting your video, very good video, it just makes me slightly melancholic at the idea that this year playoffs may never happen or at the least will be heavily delayed.

    • Josh Park
      Josh Park

      Frankie G true, but by celebrating last years playoffs it is indirectly making the viewer hopeful of the next years playoff. We want to know if Kawhi can win again or if Dame will make the playoffs.

  • Jeti

    Can you stop putting music.

    • Frankie G
      Frankie G

      sorry. people love it for some reason

  • Jonelle Windham
    Jonelle Windham

    he said oooo he caught a body

  • Ege Abiad
    Ege Abiad

    nbastars=steps stars

  • random 13 year old
    random 13 year old

    The crazy thing is lebron wasn’t there.....

    • Frankie G
      Frankie G

      What’s crazier is that Lebron probably won’t be there this year

  • John Connor
    John Connor

    Best Season Ever

    • Frankie G
      Frankie G

      followed by the worst

  • noah najjar
    noah najjar

    This is making me miss basketball even more

    • Frankie G
      Frankie G

      I'm with you man

  • Rocco

    who else is watching while in lockdown?

    • Frankie G
      Frankie G

      hang in there

  • Егор Лёвкин
    Егор Лёвкин

    Pls 1 music!🙏

  • あゆむ


  • Your mom
    Your mom

    Weird not seeing lebron in the playoffs

    • Your mom
      Your mom

      Frankie G the playoffs isn’t the same without lebron

    • Frankie G
      Frankie G

      What’s weirder is that we probably won’t see him in this year’s playoffs

  • North Memphis
    North Memphis

    u gotta luv NBA playoffs cuz we can't take those moments 4 granted

    • Frankie G
      Frankie G

      I think we have all now learned to never take this for granted.

  • Louis Williams
    Louis Williams

    How do Raptors fans really say we won the championship with a straight face...

  • Justin Legaspi
    Justin Legaspi

    harden mvp they say

  • Dominic Do
    Dominic Do

    All Raptors fans: I'm not crying you're crying

  • Jimbo

    Damian Lillard the most wanted man in Oklahoma City

  • fennex

    Watching this you'd think Jamal Murray was an MVP candidate

  • 嗯嗯嗯

    nugget vs blazer is the best playoff matchup ever

  • Cemhub

    Finally somebody should have done this video

  • Nathan Notorious
    Nathan Notorious

    Am I the only one who recognised the Coach Carter song at the start?

  • Jhon sebastian Becerra Ortega
    Jhon sebastian Becerra Ortega

    Pedazo de video! Buena música de fondo

  • Steven Mai
    Steven Mai

    Rudy Gobert: Tries to give other players corona. Clint Capela: NOPE NOT TODAY <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="476">7:56</a>

  • Lucas Martinez
    Lucas Martinez

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="990">16:30</a>

  • Stanley Jean
    Stanley Jean

    Commentary funny as hell machine gun dribble by kyrie Irving 😂😂

  • The journey of K&D
    The journey of K&D

    Kawhi is a fucking monster🚫 🧢

  • Reflex

    2020 gang wya? Corona in 4

    • Frankie G
      Frankie G

      undefeated. never lost

  • Eli Dormio
    Eli Dormio

    Seeing Donovan and Gobert makes me sad god bless them and hope for a speedy recovery

    • Frankie G
      Frankie G

      praying that we will see them on the court soon

  • Brhett Davis
    Brhett Davis

    Man we may not get this in 2020 smh

    • Frankie G
      Frankie G

      see you in 2021!( if we are all still here....)

  • LonelySkyClouds

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="216">3:36</a> why he flying instead of jumping tf

  • Fluffy the Whale
    Fluffy the Whale

    Words that lead to surprising events “It’s off to Leonard, defended by Simmons. Is this the dagger?”

    • Fluffy the Whale
      Fluffy the Whale

      existential crisis Thanks :D

  • Carlos Padilla
    Carlos Padilla

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="909">15:09</a> the only reason why we are here

  • Carso_o D
    Carso_o D

    Sorry guys 2020 playoff season will never be seen

    • Frankie G
      Frankie G

      hoping you are wrong, but i think you are right

  • William guo
    William guo

    Damian Lillard is absolute zero kinda cold