Turkish Airlines EuroLeague Regular Season Round 25 Top 10 Plays
Be sure to take a look at the best plays of the 2019-20 Turkish Airlines EuroLeague Regular Season Round 25!

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  • Μ Χ
    Μ Χ


  • Ali Kısagün
    Ali Kısagün

    Kalinic over tavaress

  • Aleksej Sysoj
    Aleksej Sysoj

    In my view nr3 Brandon Davies NO foul 100% not even touch him Larmonica whistle foul amazing Nr2 Kalinic dunk 100% was foul, yes was block but he touch him with body definitely foul!!!

    • Vag de bour
      Vag de bour

      Lamonica every time that goes OAKA, makes these calls (against PAO) easily.

  • Luka Ilic
    Luka Ilic

    3 point of Baron czv vs cska

  • Hüseyin İŞ
    Hüseyin İŞ


  • Adem Öner
    Adem Öner

    Where is Nikola Kalinic's dunk over Tavares?

  • Enes Çağlar
    Enes Çağlar

    Fenerbahçe maçındaki fake i ben bile yedim



  • Adam Amster
    Adam Amster

    Usman Garuba blocks should be #1. He made another awesome block later in the game too

  • emreakbck

    Where is Micic crossover?

  • Chioto TV
    Chioto TV

    🔴⚪🔴⚪🔴⚪🔴🔴⚪🔴⚪ olympiacos

  • Stel Voug
    Stel Voug

    No5 it's not a foul but no3 it's a foul... #euroleaguemafia

  • Εξάστερος

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="121">2:01</a> clearly a foul 😂😂☘

    • Black is the new Red
      Black is the new Red

      @Εξάστερος μετάφραση;

    • Εξάστερος

      @Black is the new Red το ξερω οτι δεν ήταν ο lamonica δεν τι ειδε

    • Εξάστερος

      @PANREFERIAKOS B.C 37 LEGACY κλαψε τρυτρυπη αδερφουλα. Πήρες πρωταθλημα με Βηματα και μιλάς? Και παρολα αυτά 38-12 πρωταθληματα και 6+3 Ευρωπαϊκα. Στο παρισι τι δεν είδες ακριβώς? Το σταματημενο χρονόμετρο,? Τα βήματα του μοντερο η το φάουλ στον Γιαννάκη? 😂😂☘☘


      Κλαψε εξατρυπη αδερφουλα για μια και μοναδικη βολη😂😂☘🤮🤮..Για μια και παραπανω φασεις εχεις 37 πετσινα και το παρισι.

    • Black is the new Red
      Black is the new Red

      Όντως δεν ήταν φάουλ

  • Inanc Zeytinci
    Inanc Zeytinci

    Kalinic's poster was foul. He grabs Tavares by the wrist. Watch it again and you will see. That's probably why it wasn't chosen. Be reasonable, how can Kalinic posterize Tavares if it wasn't for the foul? Tavares is much bigger than Kalinic and he is the best shot-blocker of the league currently. Just in that game, Kalinic got blocked 3 times, who do you guys think he is? I also think the Euroleague team, in general, makes horrible choices about best plays, but they got this one right.

  • morfeus 7
    morfeus 7

    Octavious Ellis magic🔥💯

  • İsa Sait
    İsa Sait

    Nasıl yaa ??.? Kalinic ¿

  • Proleo 13
    Proleo 13

    Bentil only No5?😂

  • Rafael Luz
    Rafael Luz

    Fener x Madrid has at least 3 better plays then this block. Kalinic's dunk, Campazzo-Mickey-Tavares round the ball for a Edy's dunk, M8cley's dunk... Bejamim Bentil put a poster and is under Davies dunk...Come on EuroLeague

    • Oriol Carol
      Oriol Carol

      Tufo madridista

  • mehmet yılmaz
    mehmet yılmaz

    Siz kafayı yemişsiniz! Kalina tavaresi posterledi top 10 da yok! 2.21 lik adamın üstünden vurdu daha ne olmalıydı? #mafyaeuroleague

    • emreakbck

      Net hücum faulü vardı orada. Ondan koymamışlardır.

  • Oktay Akkurt
    Oktay Akkurt

    where is micic crossover ?? and kalinic poster

  • harkeskin

    Euroleague is totally chooses its side this year! Kalinic's dunk over Tavares was extraordinary! He should be in the list!

    • theo sas
      theo sas

      agree and ad is no this year only.they choose sides every year :(

  • Erme YT
    Erme YT

    Where is the Kalinic's poster???

  • luka obradovic
    luka obradovic

    gist putback dunk?

  • Christermi Christos
    Christermi Christos

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="116">1:56</a> *puts the hand in front of Davies* referees : *that's a foul , if ever I saw one*

  • Akis Paralikas
    Akis Paralikas

    No10 is actually No2. Octavius Ellis will be in pretty much every top 10 Euroleague video from now on either as a blocker or a dunker!

    • Εξάστερος


  • Selçuk Metin
    Selçuk Metin


  • HyperVAC

    where is kalinic's poster

  • Alexandros G
    Alexandros G

    Octavious Ellis

  • Christos Spanos
    Christos Spanos

    i paused the video on No10 play. How often do you see dribbling like that dear Euroleague? without watching the rest i think that should be in top 3 plays

    • thacypher


    • Selçuk Metin
      Selçuk Metin

      @DjSwag Correct

    • DjSwag

      @Selçuk Metin and rise ankle breaker was underrated

    • Selçuk Metin
      Selçuk Metin

      I agree with u friend. I think a blind person chooses these every week.


    where is kalinic poster

    • İsmail Nördal
      İsmail Nördal

      Aga tamam da bu nası cümle be

  • Melih K.
    Melih K.

    Kalinic Poster against Tavares?????