Valencia Basket - Maccabi FOX Tel Aviv Highlights | Turkish Airlines EuroLeague, RS Round 25
Maccabi FOX Tel Aviv rallied from a 13-point deficit in the third quarter to grab a valuable 82-85 win against Valencia Basket at La Fonteta on Friday night.

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About One Team
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  • GATE 4
    GATE 4

    Dorsey,what a great talent

  • Zaibavaikis LT
    Zaibavaikis LT

    Congratiulacions for Maccabi FOX 👏.

  • José López
    José López

    La clave del partido fue cuando en la recta final el Macabi apostó por jugar con 4 exteriores y un sólo pívot. Eso les permitió ganar el partido desde los triples al no poder contrarrestar el Valencia esa mayor movilidad. Y menos ayer con tantas bajas de exteriores naranjas.

  • Alex Fedorov
    Alex Fedorov

    Congrads to Maccabi! and Shalom from Estonia ))

    • legendary maccabi legendary maccabi
      legendary maccabi legendary maccabi

      thnks bro! 🤘🏻🇪🇪🇮🇱

  • UnixSwifty !
    UnixSwifty !

    We are MACCBI💛💙

  • Nikos Kougias
    Nikos Kougias

    well done Maccabi ....🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆 step closer to the 🏆....Olympiakos fan

    • only maccabi
      only maccabi

      Thanks man 💛💙

    • עדו נתן
      עדו נתן

      its will going to be such a great game Thursday

  • Burak Okur
    Burak Okur

    Dubilijevic to Fener next year please

  • pizza 1
    pizza 1

    it was good game 💙💛💙💛

  • Aygün Atik
    Aygün Atik

    Congrats maccabi from Fenerbahçe fan

  • nour nouri
    nour nouri


  • Adam Amster
    Adam Amster

    Yalla maccabi and respect to valencia for playing hard tonight. What a game!!!!

  • Ίων Λ.
    Ίων Λ.

    balencia turned to orange juice by Maccabi despite the drama created by the hosts. Keep it up...

  • Daniel

    This is not Maccabi Tel Aviv, it is maccabi USA. 95% of the team are American freelance players who just go and play for whoever gives them the most money (the most non-local players of any team in the euroleague. Even the coach is not local). So what exactly are the fans so pround of? Of American freelance players? Is this something to be proud of? What does this have to do with Tel Aviv? You might as well call it Maccabi America. A club that buys its position with money and almost no local talent..

    • Maayan37

      Daniel just shut up.

    • Mpanga Robert
      Mpanga Robert

      Daniel 99% of teams in Europe including Valencia all have very many Americans and foreigners which makes the league interesting

    • E Efraim
      E Efraim

      LOLLLL fan of a small local team that cant achieve nothing, god your such a losers. for the game, was a great game, Valencia got some good team there!

    • Firro

      Dude you're giving facts which are not correct. I don't know if you're Efes fan but you said that they have 18% Americans like the other 82% are turks 😂 ... They are the same like Maccabi but they choose to get foreign players from Europe instead. Maccabi is one of the low budget players salary in the EL and yet manages to win 6 championships (only real and cska got more). The American who sign usually fall in love with the fans and the city and sign for less money than other teams offer! They represent Israel with proud and play every game with the flag in their back. That's why the fans are fanatic for the club. By the way Maccabi this year got some really important Israelis in the roster but unfortunately they're all injured. Anyway just for you to know Maccabi is making a big name to Israel all over the word weather if you like it or not!

    • agge lala
      agge lala

      @Daniel Efes has 5 Americans, 2 French, 1 Serbian, 1 Croatian and 1 German player. 10 out of 12 players are foreigners. The only Turkish player that plays serious minutes is Balbay. Wtf are you talking about. Also 5 out 12 does not make 18%, go back to first grade and learn how to calculate

  • Jaime CM
    Jaime CM

    Grande Valencia, mala suerte en los minutos finales. A seguir en play offs 💪🇪🇸

  • Daniel Pikielny
    Daniel Pikielny

    Well played Valencia you have a good team! We got you today after a great match but hope you make it to the playoffs

    • Sarit Arie
      Sarit Arie

      איזה תגובה מהממת ❤

  • Sabih Dere
    Sabih Dere

    Son saniye kazaniyor bu a q cocuklarida hep ya

  • Sabih Dere
    Sabih Dere

    Ya bu israilliler kazanmasinda kim kazanirsa kazansin..

  • Lafayette Ultras
    Lafayette Ultras

    Big win for the greatest maccabi 🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🔝🔝🔝👍👍👍💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽

  • Abdullah Ozkan
    Abdullah Ozkan

    Eline sağlık makabi darısı Fenerin başına..

    • Lülü Lülürük
      Lülü Lülürük

      @legendary maccabi legendary maccabi ?

    • legendary maccabi legendary maccabi
      legendary maccabi legendary maccabi

      lol erdogan doesn't allow you to speak english???😂

  • HomeAlone II
    HomeAlone II

    Zalgiris 💚

    • legendary maccabi legendary maccabi
      legendary maccabi legendary maccabi

      lol what about it?

  • Milos Nedeljkovic
    Milos Nedeljkovic

    Thanks our brothers from Israel for win.This is win very important for Partizan Belgrade.Good bless proud of Israel, greetings from Serbia

    • Ordulu 52
      Ordulu 52


    • legendary maccabi legendary maccabi
      legendary maccabi legendary maccabi

      u welcome bro:) see u next year in EL...there is only ⚪⚫PARTIZAN⚫⚪ in belgrade

  • legendary maccabi legendary maccabi
    legendary maccabi legendary maccabi

    another great win to the yellow 👑empire👑...keep it up! 👊🏻💙💛👊🏻

  • Rasa Praskeviciute
    Rasa Praskeviciute