Zenit St Petersburg - ALBA Berlin Highlights | Turkish Airlines EuroLeague, RS Round 25
ALBA Berlin rallied from a double-digit second-half deficit on the road to edge Zenit St Petersburg 81-83 on Thursday. Win improved ALBA to 9-16 on the season, while Zenit remains with a league-worst 7-18 record.
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  • Krepšinio Fanas
    Krepšinio Fanas

    Zenit eliminated?

    • Kai Jovarausk
      Kai Jovarausk

      If zenit loses next week's game vs bayern yes they will be eliminated



  • Dule Vujosevic
    Dule Vujosevic

    Zenit is worst team ever who played Euroleague!

    • Муса Магомедович Магомедов
      Муса Магомедович Магомедов

      You are wrong. Even in this season not better at least three teams: Baskonia, ASVEL and Bayern.

  • bethowin

    Бомжи ну как так то))

  • Hüseyin Cebeci
    Hüseyin Cebeci

    germany team flash score suprise😰

    • Zevik

      During the halftime? When it was 40-38 then switched to 42-38.

  • Trey Durant
    Trey Durant

    Alba 🔝🔝

    • Negasonic Teenage Warhead
      Negasonic Teenage Warhead

      Bigger than Hertha!

  • Александр Кизуб
    Александр Кизуб

    Сенит параша.

  • Da Guys
    Da Guys

    To be honest, this was probably the most ugly game of the season so far. But a win is a win. 🤷‍♂️

  • Only CSKA
    Only CSKA

    Great job, Alba. 👏Good game = win. Zenit have once again shown...that this is the weakest team in the League. Give the second team from the Adriatic League!

    • Aleksas Aleksas
      Aleksas Aleksas

      @Icke030 who fkn cares abaut ur stpd aba league, not even interesting only 2teams playing zvezda and partizan rest unpredictable crap,,, more interesting to watch spanish, italian basketball

    • Icke030

      PG trojka okay

    • PG trojka
      PG trojka

      @Icke030 We are clearly, and i mean CLEARLY better than Italian, Greek, German, French and Baltic leagues. Only 3 leagues in Europe are better than ABA. Spanish, Russian and Turkish league. I would like to see what other league in Europe is better than ABA??? None.

    • PG trojka
      PG trojka

      @Icke030 Germany with 83 million people have 6 players in the NBA? And who are those 6 players? As i know for only two German players in the NBA right now, and one of them is a naturalized German, it's a black man Dennis Schroder. I also know about Theis from Boston Celtics. That's about it. While ex Yugoslavia with 23 million people have such big number of NBA players. Crvena Zvezda and Partizan are the only competitive teams from ABA? No they are not. Cedevita played many seasons in Euroleague in the period of last 10 years, and Budućnost was in top 8 of Eurocup two seasons ago. Budućnost played 3 or 4 Eurocup quarter finals, and Cedevita passed the group stages many times. OK cause of lack of experience Budućnost jad bad season in Euroleague, but still it managed to win a ABA title beating Zvezda 3:1 in the finals. Still Budućnost destroyed at the time champions of Europe Real Ma2in Podgorica, and defeated every Spanish club in Euroleague that season, Real, Barcelona, Baskonia and Gran Canaria, pmis defeated CSKA and Darusafaka too. Budućnost is now record holder for three points made in a single Euroleague game with 21 threes vs Baskonia. This season both Budućnost and CedOlimpija simply woke up too late in Eurocup but by real quality both of them absolutely deserve to be in second round of Eurocup. Budućnost lost 6 games in Eurocup literally in the last seconds and last minute of the game. In ABA this season Budućnost defeated Zvezda in Belgrade with EASE, and also defeated Partizan in Podgorica by few points, and was leading the entire game, CedOlimpija defeated both Zvezda and Partizan in Ljubljana, in Slovenia,, CedOlimpija destroyed Partizan in that game in Ljubljana, Partizan defeated CedOlimpija in Belgrade by scoring lucky three in last second of the game. Partizan also barely defeated Budućnost in Belgrade, by only few points. Mornar just few days ago destroyed Zvezda in Bar, port town in Montenegro. In some moments Mornar had 24 points of lead, and it was direct battle for playoffs. Zvezda can barely make the playoffs in ABA this season, to be among 4 top teams! Other teams of ABA have defeated Zvezda and Partizan too. Like Zadar, Primorska, Krka etc. I bet you don't know that Zadar, from coastal region of Croatia was literally among 4 best teams of Europe, several times in the 60s and 70s. They played semifinals of that old Euroleague SEVERAL times. And Zadar is now last team on table of ABA.

    • Icke030

      @PG trojka yeah that's cool and all that but that doesn't make your league better. I'm not doubting anything you said but ABA teams are simply not competitive enough, except Red Star and Partizan...and there are 6 German players in the NBA, all with solid stats btw, not missing out Dirk, France has like 7 with Tony Parker being retired and I think that's not bad